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Travel Tourism Software Development & Integration

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Software Development and Integration for Travel and Tourism Companies 

There are organizations in the tourism industry which have manual procedures in place to handle everyday operations. It is essential that these companies have an integrated software system and that too in real-time. Due to globalization, hotels, establishments worldwide need to elevate their services to match international standards and high volume of customers.

"Netclues" can provide a business with a consolidated software development solution that eliminates the burdensome manual tasks from the equation and automates the process to a large extent. We have the technical know-how and the expertise to provide a business with the most contemporary and innovative technology. This would help organizations have an upper hand over its competitors and increase productivity. The benefits have been briefly explained below.

Consolidation of business processes - An integrated software makes it much easier for a business to analyze data, prevents files from being overridden, duplicated. Moreover, employees can access functional information like hotel occupancy rates, booking, sales, overheads etc. It is essential for one to have such software in order to streamline operations and ensure that every process functions in an organized manner.

Reporting - With the availability of integrated software, it becomes much easier to pull out reports, gone are the days when everything required manual efforts. The reports like sales conversion, number of inquiries, walk-ins, cancellation, employee performance etc can be generated in a few minutes. It also helps organizations manage their funds better by allocating funds towards marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns and minimizing unwanted expenses.

Increased sales and customer engagement - All the information pertaining to customers is on the dashboard, making it easier for employees to connect with them and serve them better. The details like birthdays, anniversaries, names, addresses and details of previous interactions make it easy for employees to give customers the personalized attention they require. These happy customers remain loyal and refer the business to friends, relatives and acquaintances. In the past few years, such software has also been used for cross-selling, upselling services like cab service, hotel accommodation, travel packages and so on which can help the business earn extra income.

Human resources department - A consolidated software facilitates the management of employee information. The HR department can prepare rosters, handle payroll and they can ensure that the required number of employees are available on busy days. The software also has data of vital importance like attrition rate, work tenure etc and hire staff whenever necessary.

Billing and payment - Integrated software helps companies manage their cash flow more systematically. It can help the account managers control revenue and ensure that suppliers are paid on time. Moreover, the system can also help to collect payments, generate invoices for customers and clients. All these activities are accomplished keeping in mind the safety and security of customers. The confidential, sensitive billing data is stored in an encrypted form.

More and more organizations are beginning to realize the importance of such merged software. The ones that truly understand the importance of customer service and providing world-class service will not compromise on software.

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