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CRM Solutions for Travel and Tourism

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Customer Relationship Management Solutions for the Travel and Tourism Sector

A fully comprehensive CRM system can manage the relationship with the customer base and help create engagement channels that focus on client interaction, data management, security protocols and enables cross-communication between the parties. It is important for businesses to understand that customers these days expect personalized and dynamic solutions for their travel requirements and If a business fails to cater to the specific needs of these clients, then engagement would suffer.

This is especially relevant to Travel and Tourism companies since they usually have a large number of customers to cater to and personalization and engagement are key drivers in the customer retention strategy.

Our experience and specialized knowledge enables us to design and create customized CRM solutions that foster engagement, drive collaboration and streamline communications.

Some of the benefits offered by our CRM software are outlined below.

  • Central repository- Access all the information pertaining to enquiries, leads, conversions etc. Once we receive a response from the leads, the system divides them into various categories and stores it.
  • Analysis- Our CRM can analyze sources of leads, eg, email marketing, content marketing, search engines, social media, digital marketing etc. On the basis of the analysis, the business can decide which channels yield the most number of conversions and can develop future strategies utilizing this information.
  • Delegation- Once the leads pour in from different channels, the system delegates the same to the respective salesmen with access to the CRM. In this way, the salesmen shall only receive information relevant to them and can action these accordingly.
  • Reporting- The CRM system would also make the process of report generation much easier and has multiple report templates which can be used to analyze different aspects like sales, conversion ratio, productive hours etc.
  • Communication - The CRM can dispatch bulk emails to customers which are personalized. This creates a communication channel between the customers.
  • Sales funnels- CRM enables the creation of sales funnels and assigning customers to package-specific tunnels after the lead is generated. There are various phases into which a sales funnel can be divided like interest, awareness, evaluation, decision, purchase etc. This also depends on the sales model but a CRM makes life much easier.
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