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Mobile App Development for Healthcare

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Healthcare Mobile App Development Solutions

Mobile applications have reshaped industries world-wide including the health-care sector. Many people use mobile applications to access a broad spectrum of services like health, medical assistance, fitness etc.

As per a study conducted by Statista, the amount of revenue contributed by the health-care sector in the year 2017 was $25.39 billion which is expected to reach $58.8 billion in the year 2020. Hence, it’s important for businesses to understand the importance of mobile compatibility and invest in the same to sustain growth and boost revenue.

Netclues provides organizations with mobile applications that help patients monitor their health and recovery. Our innovative, visionary mobile apps ensure that a health care provider’s services and core business values are further defined and accentuated. People use mobile-apps these days more than ever before.

Netclues Mobile Solutions enables companies to take patient-provider relationship to a whole new level which creates trust and loyalty. These apps help in digitization of prescriptions makes it easy for viewing, analysis and planning strategies. Moreover, it helps in adopting a customized approach to treating patients as each patient responds to treatments differently.

People in rural areas can use such apps to purchase medicines online and contact the finest doctors, hospitals through emails, video-chats, eliminating the need to see them in person. They can choose treatment that fits their budget. The push-notifications help them get regular updates and earn loyalty rewards.

Our apps help doctors to prescribe the correct medicines in the right quantity which reduce the instances of deaths, injuries due to wrong diagnosis or negligence. Hospital staff also find it easier to input correct data into the system and maintain updated records.

Added features include payment reminders, a secure and integrated payment gateway which facilitates easy payment of bills on a timely basis with customized payment options. They reduce the chances of phishing, identity theft and hacking. Apart from this, our apps help patients monitor their health themselves. It also serves as an important branding tool, the more the downloads leads to increased users.

Contact Netclues to know more about our Mobile app solutions to improve decision making and to build customer trust, loyalty.

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