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Restaurant Web Based Gratuity and Payroll System

Let Netclues Help with your Next Web Based Gratuity and Payroll System Project.

Web-Based Gratuity and Payroll Systems for Restaurants

According to a survey, Employee satisfaction has been rated amongst the top reasons why employees leave or stay with certain companies. Having a web-based fully comprehensive payroll and gratuity system means that the allocation of these funds is done in an automated and way with minimal human intervention. This is especially true when it comes to restaurants since they usually don't have a dedicated HR or payroll department that specifically looks into this. At Netclues we have recognized the need for this type of system for restaurants and cafes and developed a multi-point, hourly/weekly and monthly based payroll and gratuity system that will automate and manage this process.

The system is very dynamic and is able to integrate seamlessly with Aloha POS, Aires and much more. The system is highly customizable to fit into the specific requirement and since this is a web-based application, has the ability to manage the payroll and gratuity system on the fly.

Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Web-Based Centralized System: Since this is completely web-based, the system can be accessed at any point through any web browser via a secured login credentials. Changes can be made on the fly and will reflect on the live system with the push of a button.
  • Ease of Use: The system is designed specifically keeping in mind user-friendliness and can be operated by even non-technical staff. The system is highly intuitive with tools that are easy to locate and operate.
  • Gratuity Distribution: The system can easily be set up to include gratuity allocation rules that can be applied across the board or edited individually per employee. The calculation system can be integrated with Tips and overtime allocations in a transparent and easy to understand method. The system can be customized to use multiple point-based and work hour based payrolls.
  • Employee Manager: Admin Access for Managers to easily manage, add or delete users and employees with intuitive and easy to understand user interfaces.
  • Integration with POS: The system can easily integrate with the current or upcoming POS systems and customized based on requirements.
  • Customization: The solution is designed keeping in mind the operations of a restaurant, however this can be easily customized and scaled to include further products and tools depending on the business operations.
  • Training and Onboarding: The system comes with a fully comprehensive training manual and also live support is provided from Netclues to help train and fully on-board the users.
  • System Reports: The system can print and produce important statistical data reports that can help give information about pending pay, gratuity calculations and all payroll and gratuity related information including tax deductions, etc.

The system that we have designed has the purpose to ease the management of payroll and gratuity related issues and further help with streamlining the business operations to deliver a quick, reliable and consistent system that eases the process and improves employee engagement and satisfaction.

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