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Document Management Systems for Law and Legal

Let Netclues Help with your Next Document Management Systems Project.

Document Management System for Law and Legal Firms

"Information is knowledge and knowledge is money" and we help you manage the information and save money in the long run. A centralized repository of information comprising of various documents like emails, contracts, agreements etc helps employees to access specific client-based data as well as documents pertaining to operations, HR, billing and payment thereby promoting a smooth work environment.

Netclues has a document management team which can provide your firm with effective and multifaceted solutions that can help you go paperless to a large extent, reduce carbon footprints, operational costs, manual involvement in document handling by going digital. We are a business but we also have a responsibility towards the environment.

  • Case-specific approach - The concept of document management is more than just storing documents. Emails, contracts, agreements and client-specific data in one single place make it easy for employees, firms to access data easily and use it whenever necessary and this can be accentuated by adding advanced search options and greater controls. Lawyers or attorneys with access to a certain case or particular kind of cases would enable better productivity and client experience.
  • Better software integration and templates - An integrated system that blends with existing office tools increases operational efficiency and ease. Our document management systems can be integrated with popular tools like Microsoft Office, Outlook etc, enabling employees to search for specific emails pertaining to certain cases, follow up, payment or audit purposes and using email templates to communicate with customers, internal departments and clients which saves time and increases productivity.
  • 24/7 access - Our cloud-based storage system gives greater freedom, ensures efficiency by reducing reliance on company servers and allowing a firm to access the latest versions of documents which makes uploading, editing much easier. The added benefits include multiple gadget compatibility, unlimited storage, automatic backups and data-protection with more scalability and up-gradation options at no additional costs.
  • Better coordination within internal departments - In addition to easier access and real-time updation, our cloud-based systems designed for law-firms also enable accountability by monitoring the changes made to important files and documents and the individual making the changes. Moreover, client interaction becomes more transparent and engaging when they have the option to upload and access documents.
  • Time management - Our cloud-based services help keep a track of time. A certain amount of time can be assigned towards documentation, answering emails. The rest of the time can be allotted to more productive activities. With the consolidation of all the different channels on a single platform, it becomes a lot more easier for organizations to analyze the performance of individuals and the firm as a whole.
  • Calculated decision-making - With a tool like a document management system, all files, documents and other data is consolidated in one place. This makes data analysis a lot more easy and effective, it gives one a clear understanding of the firm's minute details enabling systematic decision making based on facts rather than guesswork or instincts.

Increase efficiency, improve productivity and boost employee morale with our Document management system. Contact us for an in-depth analysis.

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