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Healthcare Member Portal

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Healthcare Member Portal IT Solutions

Netclues assists in the creation of member portals for organizations using tools like SSO (Single Sign-On) and SAML (Single Assertion Mark-up Language). A member portal acts as an electronic gateway between the organization and the client allowing access to digital files, services, and other data. Our innovative and customized solutions are designed to meet an organization’s specific needs which would enable them to carry out core business functions with ease and achieve long-term objectives.

By creating interactive experiences for users, organizations can keep patients engaged for longer periods of time. They would want to explore the features to get the most out it and since it requires login id and password for each user, it has to have a personalized user experience. We enrich this experience by further personalizing it for each user. (to a certain degree).

Using conventional means of communication and other social platforms might not be useful to convey information to patients. Our member portal ensures streamlined communication with the organization and with members, this gives patients updated information pertaining to their case etc. Moreover, we also provide added features like storage and access of personal data, option to make payments which increases customer satisfaction.

In addition to this, our member portals are also integrated with social media platforms. This gives members to have an overview of the entire industry in general and the community, giving them a chance to interact with fellow members.

Talk to us to know more about member portal IT solutions which enable companies to manage data, create group-based content, set permissions and restrictions.

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