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QuickBooks Integration Solutions

Let Netclues Help with your Next QuickBooks Integration Project.

Netclues Quickpay system integrates with an organization’s existing billing system and provides customers with a simple, quick and secure online interface to pay their bills.

Netclues has helped companies integrate Quickbooks with their accounting system that enables them to make an instant online payment and obtain payment receipts, invoices after payment.

Moreover, it also helps companies send payment reminders, manage orders, accounting, inventory and shipping from a single dashboard.

In the long run, Quickbooks integration helps organizations save time and resources. The benefits of Quickbook integration are as below.

  • Automatic integration of sales information and the cost of goods sold into Quickbooks.
  • Generation of sales receipt or invoice in Quickbooks.
  • Payment can be made through CI or US cards.
  • Saves transaction records including payment method, discount, payment etc.
  • Sending automated invoice reminders.
  • Highly customer-oriented.
  • It helps in tax management.
  • Highly secure and adaptive to new technology.
  • Departments with access to information about their customers only.
  • Vast customer base.
  • Encourages product innovation and out of the box thinking.
  • Cost-effective and facilitates business expansion.
  • Automated back-up service which keeps data safe.

Contact Netclues to take advantage of this amazing software to simplify and streamline accounting, tracking, reporting, eventually resulting in the optimization of business operations.

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