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06 April 2023

Building a Brand Identity with Digital Marketing

Building a Brand Identity with Digital Marketing

We are well aware that the world is going through a digital transformation. Everything from the smallest purchases to the biggest investments is done online. In this digital-first world, the battle to reach an audience and customers in order to build a brand from scratch or increase an existing brand’s recall value is only getting started.

Before diving into the details and throwing technical terms around, let’s clear the basics first.

What is a Brand?

A brand is a marketing term used to describe businesses and companies with a voice and message of their own that are into providing unique services or selling products to generate revenue and build a name for themselves.

Importance of building a brand identity

As we mentioned before, the world is going digital, and brands need to take every opportunity that comes to be in front of their target audience’s eyes. Marketing your businesses in the digital universe is one such opportunity that holds the key to skyrocketing your brand awareness and visibility.

The more your brand is visible to your audience, the more likely you will convert them as a customer.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the unique element that differentiates your brand from the competition in the industry. This could be your business statement, your brand kit, your way of providing services, or can be very well the authenticity of your product.

In addition to this, sometimes brands get a spotlight because of the people running them. People like the brand owner, CEO, and ambassadors.

The main aim of building a brand identity is to feed people the personality of your brand on a regular basis so that the brand image gets embedded in the subconscious minds of your audience.

Defining your brand

Before any business terms itself as a brand, it has to establish certain core practices in order to come up with a business marketing plan. Defining a brand is about figuring out the vision of the brand, how it plans to solve people’s problems, and what will be the business stand when it comes to its operational processes.

The brand and the people representing the brand should be very clear with who they are selling and with what sentiments. It is advisable to follow the SMART approach while defining your brand. Your digital marketing goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

Targeting the right audience

The goal of any brand is to reach the right audience so that a service or a product can be pitched to people who are the most interested. The first step in identifying the target audience is to build a buyer persona for your brand. Mapping an ideal customer will help your brand to derive other metrics and make decisions that will steer your marketing efforts toward your potential customers.

Now you may ask why is a target audience important and what difference it makes, and you could just market your brand to everyone. But here is the catch, by detailing who is most likely to buy from your brand, you are locking in a certain number of leads and revenue.

This will help you tailor your messaging and content to resonate with your target audience and build a strong connection with them. Remember, a strong brand identity is built on a deep understanding of your audience

Conducting a competitive analysis

Brands that don’t pay attention to how their competitors are converting customers fade out from people's minds because they are unaware of the market trends. Conducting a competitive analysis gives you an edge by telling you about the strategies other brands use to increase their market share in the industry.

First, identify your competitors in the industry, lay out their strategies, and compare them with your techniques and active campaigns. List down the aspects where your competitors are performing better than you and cross reference it with factors contributing to their upper hand.

Build new strategies to tackle the results of competitor analysis and improve your digital standing.

Creating Your Brand's Identity

To start developing your brand identity, one should build various elements like a brand logo, brand kit, a user-friendly website, and relevant content on high-volume social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

When creating a brand personality, assume you are creating a new human you want people to like and remember. You should precisely describe every quality of your brand so that a large number of people can relate to different aspects of your brand’s personality.

The first question any buyer asks when buying from a brand is, “ how are you different from other brands.”

This is your opportunity to leave a mark on your potential customers. Leverage your unique selling point to highlight your brand services. Tell your customers the benefits of choosing your brand and how you reward customer loyalty. Remember, every brand creates its USP by solving a problem statement and filling the need gap for customers. The more value and support you offer your customers, making their lives easier, the more they trust you.

Designing a visual identity is critical to establishing a brand’s digital identity across the Internet. When visually establishing your brand online, one should make consistency their number one priority.

Let us try to understand this with an example.

When you look at the logo of the famous footwear brand Nike, your mind immediately captures it, so much so that whenever you see a ✔️ sign, you relate it to Nike.

The colors and font of the brand are simple, easy to understand, and highly recognizable in daily life.

Nike’s logo is not only consistent but also impactful. As the logo also resembles the right mark, the brand has built its vision statement around it and leverages its logo to tell its audience that Nike does things the right way.

This is one of the best examples of using the consistency of visual identity to build and elevate a brand's standing.

Digital Marketing: Implementing Your Brand Identity

Creating a consistent tone of voice

Any business owner who starts has a story to tell. While earlier, they used to indulge only in traditional transactions, the meaning of services and brand value has changed over the years. In today’s digital era, customers are more interested in knowing who they are buying from rather than what they are buying.

As a brand, you could be selling the best of products, but at the same time, if you are not consistent in communicating your brand message, you will eventually lose your audience, gravely hurting your online presence.

Choosing the right social media channels

Social media platforms have been a revenue-generating source for brands for a long time. The basic template to build a brand identity on social media is regularly interacting with your followers and including them in your online presence.

This brings us to optimizing social media pages and making them more informative for your target audience. Draft an interesting bio, enable contact options on your profile, and provide relevant information. Encourage user-generated content by running contests or asking for feedback, and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner to build trust and loyalty. Let us talk further about how you should create content to build your brand identity.

Creating content that reflects your brand identity

NOTE: Include your brand kit in all your content pieces.

Make a monthly content plan keeping the current trends in mind and co-relate it with your brand’s image. Promote your content organically and create content that your audience can interact with easily. There are various types of content formats that you can roll out to build your brand identity regularly. You can focus on the two major types.

  1. Static content (Images, Books, Newsletters, Blogs)
  2. Video Content (Interviews, press releases, product launches)

Using SEO to enhance your brand's visibility

SEO may help your brand appear higher in search engine results, improving visibility and generating visitors to your website. This involves optimizing your website content with relevant keywords, constructing high-quality backlinks, and making sure your website is mobile-friendly and user-friendly

Measuring Your Brand's Success

In the world of digital marketing, measuring the success of your efforts revolves around numbers and various metrics. But before we jump to success, we need to figure out on what basis we can term a campaign successful

The first step is to define the key performing indicators. KPIs are the factors that we use to understand our brand’s performance. Some examples of KPI metrics are website traffic, bounce rate, reach, likes, and impressions.

Based on these metrics, we analyze the performance of our campaigns, and we can make decisions on how to improve brand visibility and rethink our strategies and budget allocation.


If you are a business owner, then in order to maximize the potential of your brand, you need to extensively focus on targeting the audience active on digital platforms. Leverage digital marketing plans and build a brand identity that generates a return on investment right from the very first impression.

Contact Netclues, and we can make this process a cakewalk for your brand.


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