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Web Based Reservation System

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Web Based Reservation System

The expert Web Based (online) Reservation System from Netclues helps you to effectively manage your restaurant's reservations, table and guests. Run your restaurant more efficiently with an effective table management solution and avoid overbooking or under occupancy.

With powerful features, this online restaurant reservation system is not only powerful, but has simple features that are easy to use. We understand the restaurant business on the back of our hand, so we have kept the pricing competitive to save you money.

Our web-based reservation system is the chosen platform of several prestigious establishments. This intuitive and easy-to-use system helps you effectively manage reservations online as well as build better relationships with your guests.

Key Features

  • Web Based Centralized System: This is a web-based application which can be used over the Internet with a web browser & secured login credentials. You don't have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry about upgrades.
  • Sync with Website: The reservation system sync with the online website reservation form. That means any user who submits reservation form in the website will be automatically synced with reservation system.
  • Notification: Admin can receive email notification message whenever any booking has been done. This could make real-time data maintenance an easy process. Booking party also gets a notification of their reservation.
  • Sections Maintenance: You can implement sections which allow users to book a particular section of the restaurant while reserving a table.
  • System Reports: The system will have the ability to create, print & export specific date report or monthly report based on your requirements.
  • Calendar View: A more interactive and a better displayed calendar view will be implemented to ensure that the required information can be accessed with relative ease.
  • User Roles: Different role based access can be implemented to the system. Administrator can assign different roles to different employees based on which they will be able to view, add or edit different sections.
  • Print Functionality: The system has an ability to print particular day reservation print or monthly prints as per your requirements. We have created the system to help you print out standard and enhanced reports.
  • Search & Filter: There is also an add-on feature of Search & Filter where in admin can easily search any reservation or filter as per requirements.
  • Log History: We will capture all the information related to the reservation, which means if any user accesses or modifies a reservation, this will be logged.
  • Track Guest: Keep track of dining preferences, allergies, special occasions, and more. You will be able to track your guest requests & reservation. This is ease of use for you and means convenience for your guests.
  • Automatic Reminder: The system will send auto reminder to guest by email a few days before their reservation with a map listing to the location. Once the dinner is complete you can also choose to send the guest a thank you note and your Tripadvisor link.
  • Guest Check-In: The system will also allow admin to check-in guest when they have arrived at the restaurant.

At Netclues, it is our aim to earn your trust and confidence through flawless and top of the rung technology solutions. We have a natural demeanour, a personal attitude and a winning passion that helps us succeed in our professional relationships. Our extra-mile commitment delivers value to your restaurant business and helps you win the competitive game.

What Next?


Why not utilize the Netclues web based reservations software and conveniently convert visitors into satisfied customers at your restaurant. We would recommend a short meeting so we can show you how Netclues can bring in value to your restaurant business/chain.

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