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Powerpanel Services

A dynamic website is always on the heavier side of the weight. Dynamicity enables a website to be updated for minor and major updates in real time. That would include content, layout, features, tools, incorporating payment options and the like. A static website induces a lot of unneeded toil and expense for any kind of update and inclusion. That is where the concept of Content Management System comes. CMS is extremely important for keeping a website competitive and compatible.

We are happy to present PowerPanel, your website's power hub. It is an enterprise level CMS that is extremely powerful, yet easy to use. You can use this CMS to manage your website easily. We have kept in mind the adoption of web amongst the non-technical population. That is why PowerPanel is absolutely non-technical and training a new-bee can take at most 3 hours. It is loaded with wonderful features and functionalities that would help an online business to be controlled and managed in the most time-saving and easy manner possible.


Here are a few amazing features that PowerPanel showcases


The dashboard is a summary of your website. Elegantly designed to give every small detail, it provides graphical representations of important statistics and contains shortcuts to remote pages. You can have a complete overview of your existent online business here.

Netclues One-Push:

Social Media, being one of the most powerful ways to spread the word now-a-days, updates on your website must instantaneously reach social media. Well, there are a number of them. It can be tedious to reach up to each social medium and make a presence. Netclues One-Push helps you do all that altogether. Just a push of a button and all the data would be fed into the social media site you want.


The PowerPanel gives you an analysis of how well your online business in doing in the form of statistics. Each analysis criterion can be studied in an overview style as well as in detail.

Log and trash managers:

These modules help you keep a track of administrators' actions that have been performed at various times during the day.


The PowerPanel is a gracefully designed system that is soothing to eyes and easy to operate. It is an extremely user-friendly system, unlike many other Open Source CMS software. Here are a few areas where Powerpanel excels other Content Management Systems

  • It is easier to use than many other open source CMS
  • It is way more secure, being an enterprise software.
  • It is highly customizable. Any person with the most basic knowledge of PHP can easily make a customized version of the generic PowerPanel. If needed, we can also customize PowerPanel as per the requirements of our clients.
  • PowerPanel promises a more consistent usage. We update the features at regular intervals so that you can make the most out of this robust system.
  • Adding pages and content to your website is extremely easy through PowerPanel. There are options to upload images and videos and even take care of your basic SEO page modifications.

There are several other amazing uses of PowerPanel. The best thing about it is that it has been crafted under the careful invigilation of our tech-experts. We know the ins and outs of PowerPanel. If you face any problem working on it, or you get stuck somewhere, we shall always be there, at an affordable reach.

Get in touch to register for this wonderful Content management System.

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