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Solutions by Retail for Retail

  • Branding
  • Responsive Websites
  • POS - Point of Sale System
  • CRM & Newsletter System
  • Web based gratuity & payroll system
  • Retail Marketing Program
  • Retail Signs & Printing Collateral
  • Online Payment System
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
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In a dynamic and fluid industry such as retail, Netclues provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to address the strategic and day-to-day challenges that are faced by this industry. At the juncture where retailers are buffeted by change, competition, increasing customer demands and better compliance from authorities, our system provides a stable ground for retailers to manage such situations effectively, improve profits, and prosper immensely.

Our expert retail technology and marketing team understands the on-the-ground situation that retail faces and help market strong retail solutions that can change the way retailers do business with their online communities. With a deep understanding of how the retail industry operates, we help you grow your retail business by providing you with some great tools like:

  •  Branding

    Today, it is an open secret that retail thrives on branding. In an online-market space, where there is so much noise and factual distortion, We know how to portray your retail business differently. Our creative branding solutions not only motivate your customers to spend more, but also help your retail company to concentrate more on your core business. Meanwhile, we assist you in providing specialized and specific creative branding solutions beginning from logo design, brochure design, email signatures to letterheads, business cards, and much more. As part of our branding solutions, we also include signage design, brand development and a range of marketing solutions that help you beat the competition. Our structured approach helps you differentiate your brand from the rest so that you can establish your brand identity and be easily recognised in today's competitive environment.

  •  Responsive Websites

    Customers in the present world are exceedingly motivated and informed. At the same time being constantly on the move, they tend to access their tablets and smartphones to make instant purchases. We understand this phenomenon and offer responsive websites to the present day retailer to make the most of what today's technology has to provide. Our responsive websites are specifically designed for the retail industry and have a responsive design so that they look great on all screen sizes as well as all mobile web devices. Go responsive with Netclues to remain at the cutting edge of the retail industry.

  •  POS - Point of Sale System

    In fast moving businesses like retail, POS system plays an important role to account for sales and improve efficiency. We provide you with an efficient retail POS system that can be easily customized to your retail business regardless of whether you are a small retailer or a large supermarket store. Our affordable POS system will help you grow your business. Besides providing a stable and reliable performance, Netclues POS system offers your increased efficiency and accuracy so that you don't have to worry about crashed POS systems again. Improve your customer experience by providing your customers with the ease of shopping from your retail outlet while offering them more offers, discounts and other promotions while tracking your sales in an accurate and professional manner. Our POS system includes all the key features that a modern POS system should have in order to run a profitable retail business. Not only is it priced less than what other similar POS systems would cost, but provides excellent value as well.

  •  CRM & Newsletter System

    In a typical catch-22 situation, where retail customers are spoilt for choice yet want what they are motivated for, Netclues CRM system helps you define and form a long lasting bond with your customers. With our retail expertise, we will build you specific CRM solution, whether you are a newbie CRM user or use an advanced CRM. Besides, the Netclues Newsletter system will help you send professional newsletters to your current as well as potential customers so that they remain informed and continue to be engaged with your retail business. Our professional team will help you develop an effective and appealing newsletter system that will help you communicate with your target audience on a regular basis.

  •  Web based payroll system

    The web based payroll system specially designed for the retail industry helps you track your employee hours for the purpose of payroll. The system can be seamlessly integrated with your business's POS system. Since this system is based on your requirements, you can set up all the information that is required about your employees including their pay rates. This system can also take care of commission, which is often the manner in which retail employees earn their pay. Netclues web-based payroll system makes it easy for both the retail management and retail staff to sort out their payroll matters.

  •  Retail Marketing Program

    Our professional retail marketing team can implement a wide variety of solutions for your shopper marketing or retail marketing program. We utilize a range of digital techniques to understand shopper behaviour and use the knowledge acquired to engage them and drive sales. We can build up a robust retail marketing program for your retail business. Using the latest digital technologies and customer engagement via their mobile phones, we influence their buying decisions while they make purchases in store. Our retail marketing program can also influence their online buying behaviour via online ads and drive shoppers back to your retail store.

  •  Retail Signs & Printing Collateral

    Our retail signs and printing collateral solutions help you amplify the message intended for your retail customers so that you can increase your profits and revenue. We offer you retail signage solutions that help you stand out in the crowd and differentiate your services from the rest. You can count on us for retail signage such as light boxes, banners, internal directional signage, vinyl letterings, window decals, and more. Besides, our innovative printing solutions for the retail industry helps you create beautiful product brochures, flyers, ads, new product announcements and discount offers, and others with quick turnaround time and an assurance of perfection.

  •  Online Payment System

    With retailers now increasingly opting for an online presence as well to capture business from an exploding online population, there is no reason why you should not accept online payments. We provide you with an online payment system which your customers can use to make payments in a safe & secure manner. Accept payments on a real-time basis regardless of wherever you are based in the world.

  •  Web Hosting & Maintenance

    It is high time that retailers become web-savvy and go online to tap the market that exists in the virtual domain. Your retail website can create a fortune for you! We will host your retail website online so that you can have a first-class presence on the web and can commence business right away. At the same time our affordable web maintenance packages will ensure that your retail website performs flawlessly and is up for business at all times.

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