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Programmatic Marketing

The latest in Online Marketing is exploding & Netclues helps connect your strategy.

Netclues makes programmatic simple & effective.

Programmatic advertising/marketing is complex but our experienced & Google certified team works on your campaign from ground up with conversions & reach as our primary goal.


What is Programmatic Ads?

Programmatic ads is a technique which automates the decision-making process of buying digital media inventory, which in turn increases audience reachability. Programmatic ads are campaigned and bid using real-time bidding for online ads display.

Programmatic ads are economical and feasible whenever performance needs to be enhanced. In programmatic ads, there's access to high performance third-party data providers (can be also termed as an inventory) with quality and potential audience.

Why should a business use them?

One word - efficiency! Programmatic Ads also helps targeting the potential buyers at the right note. This in turn, increases the probability of converting a visitor into an inquiry. Here are the primary reasons as to why use the Programmatic Ads in a business:

It is clear that programmatic advertising strategies have paid off of our customers word wide

Jay Mehta
Internet Marketing Manager


  • Programmatic ad buying is highly targeted. This means that you'll have the opportunity to tailor specific ad campaigns to targeted people in real-time. You can refine your most beneficial prospect based on the audience that you select or target.
  • Programmatic ads improve results and efficiency of targeting the audience. The primary aim of programmatic ads is to generate favorable results that favorably impact our ROI. The programmatic ad buying allows businesses to pinpoint the audiences that they want to reach out to.

This ensures that the ads have been delivered, in the perfect location, at the perfect time. This in turn, minimizes the amount of wasted media resulting in effective ads campaign utilising the marketing budget allocated.


What to expect from a Programmatic Ads campaign?

In today's ever-evolving and highly globalized computer and mobile age, programmatic advertising can help marketers meet the on-demand business needs of the digital era. Many advertisers are also concerned as to whether their ad impressions have actually been viewed by human. In this digital age, we expect to see programmatic ad impressions to be over 85% viewability across the business, but this would take a bit longer span to achieve.

The dawn of 2018 expects approximately of $3.8 billion to be spent in Programmatic Ads campaign. By the advent of 2019, Programmatic will draw $47 billion spending. While 2020 commences, Programmatic Ads is expected to comprise 85% of the ad campaigns.


Google Ads vs Programmatic Ads:

  • In Google Adwords, the budget to be allocated is restricted to the campaign level. The advantage of Programmatic Ads is that the specified budget can be narrowed down to the respective adgroup.
  • Most Demand Side Platforms(DSPs) allows the advertisers to access into vendor-neutral Real Time Bidding environment whereas Adwords only allows campaign to run within the Google network. The Google Display Network (GDN), as available through AdWords, is limited only to Google/DoubleClick properties.
  • Most DSP reports in real time. This means that you are bidding on impressions in real time and getting minute statistics as well. It also allows you to expose the insights and optimize immediately, that are not possible with AdWords.
  • The centralized access to inventory in the Programmatic Ads from the supply-side platforms creates over 15 billion impressions per day basis & still going strong in counting. The access to the large inventory makes the reachability of the Programmatic Ads wide.

Why Netclues for Programmatic Ads?

Netclues is a digital marketing solutions provider offering ad technologies and value added services. Netclues strives to bridge the existing gap between the thought and the action. We offer an unmatched range of services that helps most valued clients enhance their business and generate significant revenue from their investment. Netclues' hands-on expert knowledge, service delivery and cutting-edge technical solutions helps our paramount clients for growing their business.

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