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Netclues PowerPay - Billing & Payment System In The Cayman Islands

Accept payments online securely & increase your revenue & reduce operating costs

Netclues PowerPay system integrates straight with your billing system and provides your customers with an online interface to pay their bills with their US or CI credit or debit cards. It works on your domain and is extremely secure, fast & quick way to start accept payment instantly.

Netclues PowerPay has been implemented in several places all around the Cayman Islands and currently, transactions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are processed on it on a daily basis. We seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks or any other accounting system you might be using. Our integration allows customers to pay online and instantly get payment receipts and updated invoices from your accounting system. Our system can also send reminders of invoices that haven't been paid or overdue. Our system works with all the major banks in the Cayman Islands and all you need is to get a merchant account with the bank and we can help do the rest.

Netclues PowerPay Benefits

Netclues PowerPay
Here are some frequently asked questions
to help you understand how to accept payment in the Cayman Islands?

Why do I need to accept payments online?

You want to make it easy for your customers to pay you money as easily, quickly & securely as possible and allowing customers to pay you through your website is the first step in doing that. Additionally accepting payment online means you are reducing your operating costs and increasing your revenue by getting more ontime payments. 

What's the difference between direct deposit & accepting payments online?

There is a massive difference, with direct deposit your customers can pay you only with their bank and only certain customers might be from the same bank as yours. With online payments customers can pay you with any credit or debit card whether US or CI and payments will come straight to your account. 

Do I need to set up separate account for accepting online payments?

You do not need to setup a new account for accepting online payment. All you need is to go to your bank in the Cayman Islands and apply for a Merchants ID which is a fairly simple process.

I have an old website can I still accept payments on it?

You absolutely can, we need to take extra care on the security though and that we will.

Is it expensive to implement online payment system?

Not at all, on the other hand the returns on investment are so high, it will pay for itself in matter of months. Your bank fees don't change, everything remains the same.

Is online payment system supported in the Cayman Islands?

Yes, with advancement in the technology most of the banks in the Cayman Islands are now supporting online payments. 

Does my bank in the Cayman Islands support online payment system?

Most of the banks in Cayman Islands do support online payments including Butterfield, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank and First Caribbean. Call us to get more info on this. 

If I do accept online payment system do I still need a terminal? 

In some cases you might not need to have terminal anymore as our system comes with a virtual terminal which can be used to process cards.

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