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  • Case Management System
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  • Mobile App Development
  • CRM Solutions
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  • Online Marketing Solutions
  • Printing & Signage
  • SharePoint & Intranet Development
  • Employee Sign In - Out System
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  • Member Portal (CINICO)
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As healthcare services and medical practices around the world move towards an era where branding, social media and ‘going digital’ have become the norm, it has become all the more essential for healthcare providers to create an enduring online presence so that they can connect with their patients and customers who are now increasingly 'living' in a digital world.

At Netclues, we understand the dynamic and on-going changes occurring in societies that are increasingly becoming digitally 'interconnected' with each other. We provide a range of solutions to healthcare services, medical practices and doctors who are increasingly adapting to the online world to make their services more effective, discoverable and meaningful for their patients and customers.

Netclues healthcare solutions provide medical practices the virtual means to increase their ROI, improve operational efficiency, increasing revenue, improving rapport and bonding and improving overall connection with the patient community. We present some effective healthcare tools that promise to take your practice in the right direction with effective solutions such as:

  •  Branding

    In a situation that is compounded by increasing access to information because of growing exposure to information sources such as the Internet, present day patients and customers expect the best experience possible from their healthcare providers. Our branding solutions help healthcare providers to create a brand that promises to deliver the best of healthcare services to ensure convincing patient experiences that build patient loyalty and boost reputation. Our specialized creative and branding solutions for the healthcare industry include effective logo design, email signatures, letterheads, business cards, and more that convey the message of wellness and health to your customers or patient community. We also include healthcare signage design, brand development, and a range of compelling marketing solutions to differentiate your brand the rest. We will help you in being easily recognised as a premium healthcare service or provider in what is becoming an increasingly competitive environment.

  •  Responsive Website Design & Development

    At Netclues, our Responsive Website Design and Development solutions help today's medical practitioners and healthcare providers design their medical websites for the patients and customers who belong to the 21st century. Today, as more and more people reach out for their mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones to interact online, it is critical that your healthcare practice provides the best-in-class experience to customers who access your services online. With our responsive website design and development solutions, your healthcare organization or medical practice website will be able to adjust fluidly to the size of the device screen, no matter whichever device your patients use. Plus, your patients and customers will be able to focus more on the services you provide while you can advance your healthcare marketing programs and penetrate a larger audience.

  •  Case Management System

    Netclues Case Management Solution helps you seamlessly manage medical cases for your hospital or healthcare practice starting right from the patient's visit and admission to discharge. Our case management system will help you automate processes and consists of tools that meet all your case management needs. Our case management system helps you streamline your core healthcare processes and increase operational efficiency. Create a strong bottom line for your health care service or practice and improve your customer satisfaction ratings. Our case management system helps you cut costs without undermining the efficacy of care provided or overwhelming your workforce.

  •  Online Appointment System

    Netclues Online Appointment System not only provides the opportunity to your customers or patient community to book their appointments online, but also makes it convenient and more productive for your hospital or healthcare organization to offer an online appointment service. Our online appointment system is already in use by major hospitals, doctors, and dentists in major countries around the world. Our online appointment system helps you save substantial time while scheduling appointments while you can allocate crucial resources to other vital areas.

  •  Mobile App Development

    The mobile revolution is truly underway in healthcare. Today, many individuals around the globe utilize mobile apps to access a wide range of healthcare services to manage their health, fitness, and wellbeing. At Netclues, we always emphasize the importance of mobile apps for your hospital or healthcare service, be it helping customers and patients access their health information or monitor their progress or recovery. We now offer mobile app development services to highlight your core healthcare services and key amenities to your customer/patient community. In a mobile saturated era, it's difficult to think that your health care service does not require a mobile app to communicate to the mobile-savvy. Our healthcare mobile app development solutions are for those who truly believe in improving the standard of customer care, patient care and patient information services.

  •  CRM Solutions

    In the present era of information explosion, informed choice, and ever widening options, managing your relationship with your clientele in a healthcare setting is crucial for continued success. Regardless of whether you utilize a modest CRM system or an advanced CRM, you are in a situation where you want to sustain your professional relationship with your customers or patient community, since your reputation as health care professional matters to you. At Netclues, our specific healthcare solutions expertise helps us design the right CRM solutions for you that help your healthcare organization deliver a personalized experience for your customers.

  •  Document Management Solutions

    Netclues Document Management Solutions enables your hospital or healthcare organization the freedom from paper-based processes so that you can access patient information in real time and make well-informed decisions. Allow your healthcare organization to maintain a competitive advantage while lowering operational costs. Cut down on manual document handling processes which are typically in place to handle thousands of documents and images each year. Save physical space with our powerful yet easy to use document management system that helps you also handle work-flow via a straightforward document management process that can be accessed by multiple users in various departments across several locations.

  •  Web Hosting & Maintenance

    Today, the proliferation of the Internet across the world has made it possible for patients and customers to go online and search for healthcare providers that offer services to their satisfaction and choice. This means that if your hospital or healthcare organization does not have a website, then many won’t even know about your existence, despite the various excellent healthcare services that you might provide. At Netclues, we provide Web Hosting and Maintenance so that your health care service gets every opportunity to go online and have an effective web presence; reach a wider audience and escalate the level of your patient care services. Besides, we offer you the best in-class web maintenance package so that your healthcare website is never down and your crucial healthcare services can be accessible to patients and can save lives in a timely manner.

  •  Online Marketing Solutions

    Netclues offers innovative online marketing solutions to the medical industry. With over a decade of experience in online marketing, we are a full service company assisting medical professionals to extend their medical practice online. We offer a full spectrum of services ranging from SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and other services to help your medical website rank on the top of the search engine pages such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. Our services will help you rank better, increase efficiency by enabling you to focus on providing core healthcare services, reduce fixed costs, moderate manual processes and obtain a substantial ROI (return on investment).

  •  Printing & Signage

    Professional success in the Healthcare industry often hinges on providing crucial information in the form of printed documents detailing safety, precautions, information and other vital statistics concerning patient welfare and well-being. Also, in an environment where delivery of effective healthcare services is getting more complex, Netclues offers printing solutions to medical practitioners and healthcare organizations. We also offer printing services for confidential and time-sensitive documents. While you continue to focus on care, we take care of your printing requirements. We are also leading providers of custom signage solutions for healthcare services, hospitals and medical practices such as deliver banners, light boxes, internal directional signage, vinyl lettering, window graphics and more in line with your needs.

  •  SharePoint & Intranet Development

    If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use intranet system, which you can deploy in your hospital or medical practice, then we can help. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, Netclues has extensive experience in providing robust SharePoint solutions for your hospital or healthcare organization. We have a dedicated team of professionals delivering SharePoint solutions. Our SharePoint management solutions help ensure productivity, confidence, and user adoption while streamlining complex, slow and laborious as well as complex tasks.

  •  Employee Sign In-Out System

    So that your hospital or healthcare organization can manage employee time and attendance effectively, at Netclues, we have developed an automated Employee Sign In - Out System so that you can improve workforce productivity along with minimizing compliance risk as well as control labour costs. You can now accurately enforce pay and work rules organization wide, so that you can reduce administrative time and minimize overpayments.

  •  Printing and Signs

    In the healthcare sector, patients and visitors to your hospital or clinic depend a lot on signs to obtain relevant services. We provide a wide range of healthcare sign solutions for such as custom signs, banners, and other printed material so that your clients can locate the services they want to utilize or can be directed to the concerned healthcare professional they need to work with. We are expert at developing the right signs for use in your healthcare setting such as office entrance signs, meeting room signs, occupied/available/in/outdoor signs, conference room signs, medical room signs, and a lot more. Our team of experienced sign makers help you sort out your requirements and present you with excellent sign solutions. Also, as a paired service, we offer you high quality printing solutions for brochures, flyers, leaflets, and such to meet your hospital's marketing, promotional and public relation needs. Our services come with an assurance of a quick turnaround time and an assertion of perfection. We understand that time and speed are vital and crucial factors in the healthcare industry so you can count on us for all your printing needs.

  •  Member Portal

    We can help you create a member portal for your organization using techniques such as SSO (Single Sign On) and SAML (Single Assertion Mark-up Language). Typically acting as an electronic gateway between you and your client, your member portal will allow access to digital files, services, and other information. Via a secure entry point such as a website to the member portal, your members can login and view as well as download and upload confidential information. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a sophisticated yet easy to use member portal accordingly.

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