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Netclues CRM Services
Netclues CRM Solution

CRM is a customer relationship management tool that helps you effectively manage your business relationships, close more business deals & improve your customer service level and thereby increase your retention. It is a tool that helps businesses effectively manage relationships with their external stake holders and improve on customer service and satisfaction level. Apart from maintaining a healthy relationship with clients and customers, an appropriate CRM that fits you business model would also help you analyze and track your leads, views, conversions and other statistical data that are vital in determining your success. A proper CRM solution has the capacity to bring a 360 degree change in the way your business is functioning towards a successful future.


With customer demand Netclues created a system which will give you a comprehensive view of every customer, lead or prospects at a touch of a button.

Netclues Customer Relationship Management System is a web based system and known as PowerCRM. PowerCRM is an enterprise level CRM that is extremely powerful, yet very easy to use. PowerCRM allows your Intranet or Extranet administrators to easily contribute and manage the system. It is simplified relationship management system which makes organizing your contacts, leads and prospects a snap. Training is as fast as 1 hour and is non-technical.

PowerCRM Facts:
  • Easy to use, customizable, secure and flexible.
  • Integrated directly in your website
  • 24X7 Virtual Support and local face to face Support during business hours
  • Newsletter System Integrated
  • In-Built Search Engine Module
  • Highly Secured
  • Built ground up with your business and your requirements in mind
  • Highly flexible and customizable as its tailor made and not an out of the box solution

How can CRM Benefit my company?

Netclues has worked on over 300 projects and know the challenges faced by various industries,
so we came up with a solution to make it easier to do your day to day tasks.


With Netclues CRM you can:

Improve overall sales figures & close more deals

Integration with Website

Get crucial sales information on the go

Identify & categorise leads

Create more custom sales pitch


Improved Communication

Send automatic emails for birthday & special emails

Newsletter system integrated for improved communication

More equipped & efficient customer service team

Set reminders in the system to communicate with leads


Improve your product & service

Gather customer feedback

Better understand customers needs

Imrpove your product & services

Improve retention rate


Analyse & measure your performance

Track customer communications

Track Campaign Analytics

Analyze and optimize campaigns

Get increased output from your marketing & Sales

Here are a few amazing features that PowerCRM showcases
  • Direct Website Integration

    When a lead is captured from the website its entered in the CRM system directly. Agents will receive an email with new lead information or agents can manually enter leads. Options to enter lead status, lead source will help track marketing effort

  • Support

    We are LOCAL with 24X7 Support for your business

  • Remote Access

    The CRM System is web based and can be access from anywhere where it be home, office, trade show, flights etc. All you need is a browser and internet connection

  • User Groups

    The CRM solution from Netclues enable management of multiple lists. This allows business users to establish lists and also allows for real-time list segmentation and data management

  • Flexibility & Customization

    The system is customized for your business needs and is extremely flexible. The CRM system will support your organization process as its created based on that. Advantages include

    1. Adapts as your firm evolves
    2. Matches the scale of your business
    3. Supports your long-range growth plans
    4. Provides right info to right people
    5. Helps in making better decisions
  • Lead Generation and Follow up Tracking

    Netclues CRM system helps not only in managing your leads but also in follow-through, both in automated customer communications and reminders to sales people, which can quite literally save the day. The system can help in communication in following ways

    1. Auto Sales Reminders based on how important the lead is
    2. Auto communications for birthday, anniversary etc
    3. Auto Pop up messages when you add new customers matching existing databases
    4. List suggestions based on selection criteria and more
  • Newsletter System

    You want to communicate with your user/groups you could do that from the CRM system. Ability to create and send newsletters from Netclues PowerCRM is very easy. Because of direct integration with the Website creating newsletter is simple as click and go. It has advanced communication and reporting functions built in.

  • Reporting System

    The advanced reporting system show details on each newsletter campaigns that you have, how many were opened or bounced, or subscribed etc.

  • Process Management

    Pre Sale, Sale and Post Sale process stages will be in the system with more to add and manage, you can allocate multiple status including but not limited to lead in process, completed, won, loss, closed etc.

  • Case Managers

    Each contacts can have one or multiple case managers and the contacts can be visible or only one or multiple contacts at the same time.

Additional Features

  • Dashboard

  • Contact Management

  • Follow Up Alerts

  • Add Special Notes

  • Integrated Newsletter System

  • Lead Source Report

  • Listing Leads Reports

  • Settings: Manage Users, Assign Leads, Review and create Newsletter, Manage Agents and more.

Industry Solutions

Netclues PowerCRM can help you in managing your business model more efficiently and achieve higher level of performance. PowerCRM is custom built for your business and industry, but here are some industry that we specialize in:

  •  Real Estate
  •  Telecom
  •  Business & Financial Services
  •  Communication
  •  Media
  •  Retail
  •  Public Sector
  •  Food & Beverages
  •  Automotive & Transportation
  •  Electronics & Security
  •  Energy & Power Systems
  •  Environment & Building Technologies
  •  Healthcare
  •  Manufacturing Companies
  •  HR/Staffing and Consulting companies

Like what you see? Interested in getting PowerCRM?

We can come in your office and talk to you about specifics on setup, pricing,support and more.

To set up an appointment Call us Now: +1-345 925 2222 Email us: sales@netclues.comRequest a Demo click here to fill in this form and we will contact you.
We look forward service you like hundreds of other customers.
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