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Web design from Netclues's point of view

Web design from Netclues's point of view

Web design is not just about colors, graphics and text! It encircles a lot other things. Ask Jay, and he would lovingly explain the intricacies of web designing to you. Jay Mehta, the online Marketing and Sales Manager at Netclues talks about how web designing has gained a legacy of changing avatars with the introduction of new technology and the advent of the online socializing concept.


The primary thing that decides the website design and its accessory integration is the calculation of the complexity of the business and its intended depiction online. Mehta explains it beautifully by taking an example of a cloth business. If the owner just wishes showcase his collection, the website has to basic and the design needs to be in lines with the purpose. If however, he needs to leverage the facility of quick inter-customer communication, there is the 'Social media' thing that needs to be integrated with his website.


Another important thing that is decisive in the overall designing of the website is the information attitude of the business. A bank would be more professional and more informative. Hence, the text needs to be crisp, to the point and split up into meaningful sections. A real estate website would seemingly be different as far as text is involved!


Content management system has risen up as the most important aspect of websites. Netclues boasts of its self-crafted Content management System, the PowerPanel. It can be customized according to business requirements and is almost magical in its functioning. With this CMS, a business owner can easily feed in information that would be displayed on the front-end and manage its updation from time to time with an amazing ease. There is a provision of sending daily, weekly and monthly documents to customers and clients at fixed intervals without any manual intervention!


Next, simply having a pretty website does not do! Driving traffic that expands the business in monetary terms is equally important. And that depends mainly on how search engine friendly the website is. Netclues takes care of the SEO friendliness of the websites it creates. This apart, all the accounts that this company has made, have Google Analytics integrated with them. This makes it easy to track how well the website is functioning.


Summing up, Mehta says, it is about approaches and the business requirements. Nothing can complete a website as well as a designer does. And who would know it better that Jay himself?

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