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Vision 3E

Before Vision 3E
After Vision 3E

Vision 3E, or 3E is a site that when formally dispatched will rapidly turn into a Knowledge Center for the Cayman Islands, giving chances to individuals from our group to assemble practically and to take part in the exchange of Knowledge through the utilization of composed, sound and video content.


The guests to Vision 3E will have admittance to a professionally planned site that will permit them to hunt down Knowledge Transfer Content (KTC); with the essential center of the site being to convey that KTC in video organize, all of which will be made under the umbrella of our ethos of Educate, Enlighten and Elevate.


  • Name of the Client: Vision 3E
  • Location: Grand Cayman
  • Industry: Knowledge center
  • Website Type: CMS

The Plan:

A society that learns together develops together. Our client was different than rest we have worked with. Making a site contributing towards society or education is quite difficult as there is no room left for experiments or miscalculation. Our aim was very clear to keep the web layout simple yet informative. Also the core issue was they wanted tons of videos to be uploaded on website. So it was a challenge for us to plan in a way that it doesn’t look too messy or overloaded. Moreover site has to set a classic example in society through various educational/informative videos. We already had very less space to design it accordingly. Our developers after a lot of head banging came up with a simple layout which was approved from the client after minor changes.


The Work:

The name has it all. Our developers after a lot of head banging came up with a simple layout. Since we working for them for the first time we gave our best to create it exactly they wanted. For that, we made it a responsive site with videos uploaded systematically and also we created some space for the advertisements to be put up along with. It was critical for them to oversee and overhaul their content themselves. We made it workable for them to do as such with Netclues PowerPanel - One Panel to deal with the content for online application and also web page updating. They have the force of web in their grasp easily of utilization. As it the website had to incorporate tons of videos, we had to make sure that it does not affect the website speed and smooth is functioning which was a big task for us.


The other tricks our tech wizards made were.


  • HTML 5 Responsive and Dynamic site
  • Content management system called PowerPanel developed by Netclues
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • XML Site Map

The Reward:

Vision 3E was working with us for our first time and seeing them overwhelmed at first launch of their website said a lot. We were happy to have a client like them and with their promise to work again we look forward to many such miracles. That’s our experience now you visit the site and share your experience with us and send us your feedback at We are waiting to hear back from you.


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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