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The 3 Most Useful Features of 2018 for Your Google My Business Listing

How often have you searched for a restaurant, pharmacy or other business or service near your location in the Cayman Islands on Google, and came across the dialogue box on the right of SERP with the details in response to your search query? Quite often, I bet!  That’s the magic of listing with Google My Business. It increases the visibility of your business or service by providing essential details directly on the SERP.


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business acts as the modern yellow pages for your audience, providing details such as address and phone number, and helping businesses to generate revenue by optimizing search engines. Integrating multiple Google features like search, maps, Google+, etc., it enables you to manage your Google presence across various platforms with a single tool.


To get started, an owner simply lists his/her business or service on Google My Business by creating an account by filling in complete details. Small business owners find this very beneficial as it enables them to expand their reach online, and target potential customers.


See below how Google My Business works:


Netclues - SEO and Web Design Company in Cayman


Google My Business, ever-evolving, is more than just a listing tool for business. It streamlines the process of managing your online presence and provides numerous other benefits. Google My Business continually updates its features to ensure businesses stay current with fast-paced innovations in the digital market, making it indispensable for businesses to list on it.


Check out some of the recent, most outstanding features of Google My Business released in 2017:


Call-to-Action Button

Lets your customers easily find you with Google’s unique online reservation feature. By merely typing the location or date, users can search events online and Google will display all local results enabling you to be found by your customers. But how does that work?


There are two ways - Either the link is updated by Google on its own with the help of third-party providers, or business owners who have Google My Business account can easily add a call-to-action button that redirects your customers to the relevant page for booking or making a reservation online, as shown in the image below:


Grand Old House Cayman


It’s as easy as it sounds, and tremendously beneficial to your business, when you consider that patrons love simplicity when it comes to booking online.


Create and Update Menu & Posts

Are you a Restauranteur? Is your menu displayed on mobile Google listing? You can be sure  your competition is.  Increasingly in today’s marketplace, customers preview locations and menus online prior to making reservations or visiting restaurants to dine.


With the latest update of Google My Business Console, you can now manage your Google My Business account more efficiently. It was built especially for the tech-savvy clan on the technical forefront of the company. You can edit or upload a post or menu directly with the help of coding.


Create a banner describing your special sale or campaign, upload it on Google,  and it will pop-up as soon as someone finds your listing in the search. The post lasts for 7 days and can be edited or changed as desired. An example is shown below:


Google My Business - Post Feature


Google My Business is perhaps the best online marketing service in Cayman to gain visibility and reach your audience at an exponential rate.


Add Distinctive Attributes of Your Business

How does a customer become aware of what makes your store, business, hotel, etc. special?  Merely by looking at search results?  There is no single right way!  With Google My Business, you can utilise an optional feature to highlight the amenities that differentiates your business or service from the competition e.g free WiFi, great view, unique or desirable ambience, services, or special products provided such as vegetarian or vegan selections etc., to attract new patrons and  retain loyal customers. Businesses find this feature to be a  beneficial marketing tool.


Ready to Update Your Google Business Account with these Exciting Features?

Set a new benchmark for your business by optimizing the Google Business account with the latest features to construct a more robust customer base online. If you’re experiencing any issues or don’t have sufficient time to manage multiple listings-Delegate the task to Netclues. We will help you expand and optimize the online platform with our unparalleled SEO services in the Cayman Islands.

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