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Stingray Awards 2013 - Jay Mehta from Netclues nominated for the 'Best Employee of the year'

Stingray Awards 2013 - Jay Mehta from Netclues nominated for the 'Best Employee of the year'

Jay Mehta, the Internet marketing and Sales Executive, Netclues, was nominated for the CITA Stingray Awards, under the category of 'The Best Employee of the year in the Allied Sector' consecutively for the second time. He was one of the four fortunate nominees to be picked up by the committee. His contributions, coupled with the focused efforts of Netclues towards bringing up Cayman Tourism in the web world has been instrumental in getting him in the limelight.


Coming to the gala talk of Cayman islands for the week, 25th June 2013 saw the grand celebration of the 10th Anniversary of CITA Stingray Awards at Ritz Carlton, Cayman. Since the last 10 years, the Stingray Awards have been traditionally bestowed upon individuals who have worked dedicatedly for the Tourism industry in the Cayman Islands. The involvement could be direct as well as allied, the only criteria taken into grave consideration is the level of dedication that the nominee has proven to show towards the upliftment of the Cayman tourist citizenship as a whole.


The Stingray Award, as the name suggests, is a beautiful blue specimen of glass stingray, shown in the dorsal position on a small glass dais. Winners are facilitated with this admirable piece of craft. Nominees are generally awarded with a certificate each. Nominations are made for different categories, ranging from employee level to managerial levels. And Mr. Mehta was one among the 48 different nominees this year.


Congratulations Mr. Mehta for having been a part of the prestigious Stingray Community!

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