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Square One Condominium

Before Square One Condominium
After Square One Condominium

Square One Condominium is a globally recognized Real Estate Firm at Mississauga for its round-the-clock efforts. Offering its clients globally with world class real estate opportunities for past 30 years, Square One Condominium has mastered techniques of benefiting from experience with the real estate industry at striking exclusive deals for the clients.

  • Name of the Client: Square One Condominium
  • Location: Mississauga, Ontario
  • Industry: Private Real Estate
  • Website Type: Commercial Real Estate

Netclues has mastered the techniques of crafting best of Property Management Websites for the obvious reasons that we have spent more number of hours in standardizing Property Management Website templates, designs, features and systems. It is our success and we are proud to have returning clients to redefine their online presence. This makes us happier. Nevertheless, every time we create different websites, we still see scope in every next assignment as an opportunity to understand how to make a Website Portal that is mammoth task to manage, with 1000s of properties listed with images and great detailing, better.


The Plan:

Netclues focused on few goals while making Square One Condominium. A few of them are mentioned here:

  • A Self-explanatory, smooth and easy to navigate website from a Real estate trade management point of view
  • Easy to manage website for all real estate brokers, agents, buyers and dealers with
  • Website with content information in layman’s language
  • Highly time effective reducing hours in property search
  • A unique website as a tool marketing and management
  • Web portal attracts more number of targeted visitors interested in Condo property making it easy to crack Real Estate Deals.

The Work:

Netclues jumped planning on board with great ideas on a Custom Web Design, Layout Site map, Property Catalog, Search features and Add favorite’s basket. Netclues started to design Banners with real, clean images and decided Web Page template enabling to feature maximum property information and listings on one page. We chose soft and corporate colors for the website. Keeping in mind all the clients requirements, a ton of useful features were added to the website for creating a separate listing basket for the ones chosen or liked by any visitor for viewing it in future. We made several meets with the clients to make sure the Square One Condominium is the best of all Websites for any kind of Real Estate Condominium Property Listing in Mississauga. After several weeks of working on the project, the website was like dream turned into reality and it was finally launched.


These are some inbuilt features listed used to create Website with techno-awesomeness:

  • HTML5 Technology making Website Fully Responsive
  • Easy to access New Condo List on Home page
  • Extensive Condos Search options
  • Integrated MLS listings
  • Feature property Company can manage own property also
  • Simple and User-Friendly List View & Full-Screen Map View
  • SEO Friendly
  • Blog Management System

The Reward:

The website came out very well designed looking appealing, and self-explanatory features with ease of use and good at navigation. The client said, “We have worked with over 10 web companies in last 2 decades and we have never seen such great results, just the amount of input that came from you guys is phenomenal. Look forward to SEO Services from you all”.


A happy customer at Square One Condominium made us happy & satisfied. Love to hear your feedback, please visit the site here and give us your feedback.


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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