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Rocky's Diamond Gallery

Before Rocky's Diamond Gallery
After Rocky's Diamond Gallery

Jewellery shopping? For some occasion or casual or to gift? Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz or may be Diamond! Or may be you looking for any other precious or semi-precious gems? Now you could get all of this under one roof at Rocky's Diamond Gallery! Thinking of price? Just walk through and you wouldn't be disappointed!


Our this client has it all but didn't have right direction to market it! When he approached us and being Mr. Jay Mehta's real good friend, we gave him proper guidance and worked on with all his needs and wants so that his business could do and grow well.


  • Name of the Client: Rocky's Diamond Gallery
  • Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Industry: Retail Luxury Items
  • Website Type: Retail Customers

Let's take a look at what we came up for Rocky's Diamond Gallery.



Being a retail site the design of the website was of great concern. Moreover, its was essential as it was a jewellery business making to make a mark in the highly competitive Cayman Islands Retail Sales Market. Our goal was to to be presentable, beautiful, elegant yet simple & more over accessable. Keeping all these, factors in mind, the website was created and developed with gorgeous pictures placed on moving banners which are quite big yet sophisticated. Mobile friendly website, Google optimized website, soothing colors & conversion friendly are the key features of the design.



The website is designed and integrated with NETCLUES POWERPANEL. The POWERPANEL gives the client ability the add, change or modify products, images, content on his website For eg. if they come up with great deal on any of their products they can simply go to the POWERPANEL and add this on his site and push it to the social media at the same time.



Location being Grand Cayman, where hundreds & thousands of tourists come every day to visit the island, its a tough competition for our client to bring in more customers to his store. The website is completely SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY. With help of SEO, the ranking of the websites gets better through and this gives the website recognition in the World Wide Web. This would help client create its brand awareness and grow his business.



The website is design with function to directly connect to Facebook page, Youtube and Twitter. As it has Social Media awareness, the website is developed with Social Media Integration. With this function, the client at just one PUSH can send all the updates, changes or modifications on all the social media sites he is connected to.



We have integrated his suppliers site directly in to his site there by allowing him to show hundreds of thousands of products which he doesn't have in store but can ship it to customers directly from his supplier. We have integrated whats called an IFrame in the website which shows the suppliers products inside of Rocks website.



We have implemented the mobile friendly responsive code in the website, which means the visitors can view the website in any devices such as mobile phones, tablets, phablets, etc. This responsive code helps the website to re-size automatically according to the device screen size. Our research shows that browsing through mobile devices has increased almost 300% which is phenomenal increment. So staying up-to-date with the technology, responsive code was implemented with the website.


Being our Marketing Associate's close friend, it was our duty to touch the base with the best we could provide him. Take a look at the website -


We would love to hear back from you. Email us your feedback at


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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