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Precision Solar

Before Precision Solar
After Precision Solar

Energy costs have increased dramatically in the last decade and evidence suggests that energy costs will continue to spiral. The installation of solar systems is one way of saving money. Nowadays people are ready to invest a great amount of money to re-design their residential and commercial area with solar panels. Dale Nickason, the key person of Precision Solar has a great passion for providing solar services. Precision Solar is mainly known for offering solar power consulting and solar system installations in the Cayman Islands. They provide services to commercial and residential projects, including CORE program, off-grid solar systems and solar heating solutions for water. Their commitment for offering competitive prices, without compromising the quality of the service and products makes them distinct.


  • Name of the Client: Precision Solar Connections
  • Location: Cayman Islands
  • Industry: Solar Services
  • Website Type: Content Management System

The Plan:

Having already been familiar with their business and services, it was quite an easy task for us to serve them according to their vision. As we had to convey information regarding Solar Services and spread awareness for using natural resources, our Design Team chose the colour scheme of the layout wisely to give a meaningful touch to the concept of the website. The layout was prepared with primary colors that depicts the power of the sun and represented the classical elements of nature and science. With a complete inclusion of functionalities, our team took great care that the user would find the layout effortlessly manageable. Our client was so impressed with the work and approved the layout in the first go. Now, it was the turn of our Development Team.


The Work:

We wanted to create a website that would act as an effective communicative bridge between Precision Solar and the visitors who are planning to adapt their solar services. Our Development Team integrated the Netclues Powerpanel so that the client can easily manage and customize their services. We have also integrated a Photo Gallery of their work so the viewers can see their work-models. This will also help to gain the trust of the service seekers. At the bottom of the page we integrated a site map which was designed for the users to help them easily find content on the website.


There are other features incorporated which are as mentioned below:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Quick Contact
  • Social Media Integration
  • HTML5 Responsive Designs
  • Refer to your Friend Function & many more

The Reward:

We completed the project within just 12 days. Our client was very impressed by the tremendous hard work put in by our team. We lived up to their expectations. Please visit this website and share us your viewpoints on


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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