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Pocket Finder Cayman

Before Pocket Finder Cayman
After Pocket Finder Cayman

Have you come across a company helping you track your property or belongings


Pocket Finder Cayman is all that. People often forget belongings like the luggages while on tours. There is also a fear of vehicles getting stolen. Pocket Finder Cayman helps to keep a tab on whereabouts of your kids and pets and keep a track of expensive and important things.


Pocket Finder Cayman devised tracking devices to avoid these problems and anti-theft trackers. They approached Netclues with their product description and expressed their need to create a simple, elegant, seamless website at affordable cost. Netclues was very happy to create website for Pocket Finder Cayman.


The Plan:

When they came to Netclues they knew what they wanted but were not sure about how to showcase all the products in such a way that the visitor can see everything at one click. They had questions on what to include in the website and doubts on how it will look. Netclues understood what Pocket Finder Cayman was looking for in terms of design and functionality.


Netclues planned and designed to show them a very simple, one page Top-Down scrolling site all information on it yet responsive and highly compatible. They liked it very much. With minor changes of few inputs from the client finally the website was designed and finalized.


The Outcomes:

Only after a few corrections from the client’s side, we finalized the design, layout, content and marketing strategy for the website. The client felt that all that were mentioned in the requirement document are fulfilled and a product beyond their imagination was built. Here are key features focused upon while building the website.


Key Features

  • One Page Template Design: Netclues designed a one page design template with all three products displayed that can be viewed at once.
  • Responsive Website: This 21st Century with mobile revolution all have internet on their mobile devices and the website is made responsive and compatible.
  • Branding and Marketing: Netclues focus was on showcasing the products making it effortless browsing for the visitor.
  • Call Action enable: A feature with a facility to make direct call or email is put up right on the top which enables the visitor to contact at a single click.
  • HTML5: Netclues used extensive and beautiful documentation for common HTML5 elements, dozens of custom HTML
  • Bootstrap Framework: Bootstrap framework is used scale up the website easily and efficiently for multiple devices from phones to tablets to desktops.
  • Smooth and Interactive Design: The design is simple, soothing to eye, elegant and responsive
  • Product Cataloging: The complete website showcases all the products one single catalog with icons and description that the visitor need to put effort to click and tumble on multiple pages.
  • SEO: Making the website rank higher with use of natural and acknowledged SEO techniques and analysis tools to perform on-page analysis, competitor analysis and overall website analysis to help you scale heights.

The Reward:

The design with simplicity and elegance was very much appreciated by the client. The best of feature was easy single navigation provided to visitors with high responsiveness and compatibility which the client actually wanted. Netclues is very happy to design the Pocket Finder Cayman website for branding with exclusive features like Call to Action delivered as well as low-price rates which extremely pleased our client.


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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