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Office of the Complaints Commissioner

Before Office of the Complaints Commissioner
After Office of the Complaints Commissioner

The Office of the Complaints Commissioner Cayman Islands was created to encourage government departments and agencies to better serve the public. It is an independent office which answers only to the Legislative Assembly through the Speaker which investigates in a fair and independent manner complaints against government to ascertain.


Our sales associate Mr. Jay Mehta went to Office Of Complaints Commissioners office to help them with a presentation document and he did see the opportunity to improve the website and the office of complaints commissioner were receptive to the idea. 6 weeks of work a photo shoot, content writing and we have a wonderful site ready. Here is our experience.


  • Quick Navigation Area: We wanted to make sure site users can navigate to certain essential areas from anywhere on the site so we created a quick access areas for important links. No matter where on the site you are click on any of the quick links to get to the area you want to go to easily.
  • Online Complaint Forms: Being Complaints Commissioners Office, the goal of the site was to make it easy for users to launch a new complain, either online or offline. We included an online form for users to make a complain and also allowed users to download a complaint form if they would like to print it.
  • Newsletters: The office printed a lot of newsletters and handed it out. We wanted to be environmentally friendly. So, we added a newsletter tab on all pages to see all the latest newsletters on the website without the need of picking up a paper version.
  • Newsroom: Anyone interested in checking what's happening/happened at the office can click on news and review all that's going on, sort stories by month, year or even specific categories.
  • Site Search: We implemented easy to use site search for users to quickly search any data on the website.
  • Team profile page: Everyone in the office now has a nice team profile page with images, title & bio of themselves.
  • Freedom of Information: We created an extensive section in the site for Freedom of Information, so users can view FOI & also contact the information manager if they need more to know more about anything specific in detail.
  • PowerPanel: The website has been integrated with Netclues PowerPanel as this gives client the ability to add, change or modify anything on the website whenever its needed. Along with PowerPanel even Content Management System (CMS) is included.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO): Being Office of Complaints Commissioner website, the ranking and the recognition of the website is of great importance. The website being integrated with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the website would get better standing and ranking in the World Wide Web and would reach the people more faster than before because of its higher ranking and recognition.
  • Mobile Friendly Website: Keeping in mind that anything can take place at anytime, this website has been mobile friendly which means it can even be accessed on the mobile phones.

Our Client has been extremely satisfied with our great work. Take a look at the website at


If any complaint, you can mail us at


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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