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Miss Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)

Before Miss Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)
After Miss Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)

Beauty is a concept that envelops the essence of soul - truly said! And in Cayman, celebrating beauty of body, mind and soul is a ritual. Miss Cayman Islands is an occasion, eagerly awaited and blissfully celebrated. A celebration, this beautiful, needs to have an equally elegant website, right! That is what we did!


For the very first time, the pageant has a platform to worldwide applause and ovation. Within scanty timeframe, with lots of work to do and with lots of expectations hovering around, it was really a tough business to present things at their very best. But, yeah! We did it! And this is how!


The small road bumps:

  • We started from zero! Yeah that's true. Putting things together probably gets easier when you already have a base to start from. But what when everything has to be started from the scratch? Things needed a lot of planning, strategizing and a proper execution. Everything, from layout, images, content alignment to the final designing had to be done.
  • We were tight-roped for time. Things had to go real fast and staying abreast with everything withing the said time limit was a tad difficult, honest! As such, we have tried our level best to keep the quality of our work uncompromised.
  • We were dealing with content scarcity. That is hard to meet! But we covered up for that with high definition images that would speak out louder than cramped in words.

What we have done for them?

  • Wordpress CMS: Whoa! A power-packed back-end management system! We integrated the website with Wordpress. You see, a beauty pageant has a lot of things continuously coming in, for visitors to know. So every time any such thing comes up, any executive from the client's side would be able to make a quick addition. They don't need to come to us for any small or big change that is to be brought in the website.
  • Beautiful responsive design: We are really happy to state this, we have designed the website well for it to fit into the screen of any device, with equal elegance and perfection. You would need to go through it to believe us! Click! Open it!
  • Sign up form: Any visitor who shows interest in the advancements of the pageant has to kept informed, and no other way could be as good as offering them to sign up for a newsletter! We have integrated an easy newsletter sign up form for the client.
  • E-store: Yeah! What's harm in encouraging the visitor to tuck in a few goodies into their baskets! We have created a secure and easily navigable E-store so that visitors can process their purchases with ample convenience.
  • Bold contestant profile page: Every enrolled contestant should have an ample chance to define their personality essence. The contestant profile page that we have created for the client would help visitors know each contestant better.
  • Events calendar: Events galore, none should miss the visitor's calendar! That is the reason, we created an events calendar right on the website! May be you could check on a few dates and save them!

Was that really something? Well, we can do it for you as well!


Miss Cayman Islands Website by Netclues


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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