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IT Solutions for Law firms in Cayman Islands

  • Branding
  • Responsive Websites
  • CRM Solutions
  • Digital Receptionist
  • SharePoint Design & Development
  • Software Development & Integration
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Online Marketing Solutions
  • Localized & Secured Hosting Solutions
  • Document Management Systems
  • Company Management Software
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In an era of profound changes such as the emergence of global markets amidst the economic decline witnessed by key national players, legal service providers continue to operate in a complicated maze of challenges and issues. In this intense environment, Netclues provides a complete suite of integrated yet modular solutions that effectively address the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by legal professionals.

With our legal systems, legal professionals can meet the challenges of managing complex legal issues; solve complex problems, while responding to the demands of their customers effectively. Our team of legal technology and marketing experts solely help legal professionals with winning solutions. We make it easier for you to provide your services to emerging legal markets by offering you some great tools like:

  •  Branding

    Our dedicated graphics and branding team provides specialized branding solutions for your law firm or legal services so that you continue to maintain a strategic focus and remain viable in the part of the legal market in which you are equipped to compete. To this effect, we provide you branding solutions right from logo design, email signatures, business cards, letterheads, and more. We also assist in brand development guidelines, marketing solutions and signage design so that your firm can be easily distinguished and recognized easily in today’s competitive world.

  •  Responsive Websites

    We design a clean and crisp responsive website for your law firm or legal services company so that you can stay off the edge in your profession. Our responsive websites have a completely fluid design and look great on all screen sizes and mobile web devices. This is especially critical where your key clients need to access their website or services while on the move while using their tablets and smartphones. Also, introducing PowerPanel, which is a system that runs websites specially designed for legal professionals. This system includes a comprehensive tool-kit that exploits Internet facilities for legal service providers and law firms.

  •  CRM Solutions

    We are aware of how today’s clients expect confidentiality, personalized services and proactive solutions from their legal professionals. We help you manage your reputation as an astute legal firm by providing you specific CRM solutions, regardless of whether you are using a modest CRM solution or an advanced CRM such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM.

  •  Digital Receptionist

    We offer you a perfect digital visitor management tool called Reapptionist. This is an intuitive and simple to use visitor management iPad application that allows you to digitally manage guests and clients visiting your business or office premises. Reapptionist is a hosted solution that makes the process of visitor management very easy and effective. Reapptionist instantaneously notifies you by email thereby alerting you that your guest has arrived. It identifies who is in your organization quickly and accurately as it holds all your visitors’ details. You can produce a complete list of all visitors in the building at any given time, thereby meeting compliance standards.

  •  SharePoint Design & Development

    Netclues is a Proud Microsoft Silver Partner. We have extensive experience in providing robust SharePoint solutions for your firm. Netclues has a dedicated team of professionals delivering SharePoint solutions. Our SharePoint management solutions help ensure productivity, confidence, and user adoption while streamlining complex, slow and laborious as well as complex tasks.

  •  Software Development & Integration

    We provide efficient and streamlines software development and integration services so that you can automate your business processes by removing the cumbersome manual operations from the equation. We understand that your firm might have some manual processes in place that are necessary to take care of your strategic or day-to-day operations. Our unified software development and integration solution will help you leverage the most advanced software technologies to improve your effectiveness so that you can remain on the cutting edge.

  •  Mobile App Development

    Our perfect and professional mobile app development solutions help your customers solve problems and keep you ahead of the curve. We help you include your key legal services and professional solutions so that you can meet customer expectations and keep your clients engaged and informed. We design an app that your clients and customers can easily download on their Apple, Android or Blackberry smartphones. We will help you design a feature rich mobile app that resonates with your clients and goes a long way in marketing your law firm.

  •  Web Hosting & Maintenance

    Whether you are a small boutique law firm or a major legal services company, we provide you web hosting and maintenance services for your website. Our maintenance package is affordable, so you can have a first-class presence on the web and commence business right away.

  •  Online Marketing Solutions

    Our seasoned team of legal technology professionals will help you market your website to your target audience so that you can capitalize on your brand image and improve client base. We employ a structured digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, SEM and SMM, which will drive qualified traffic to your website. We are committed to helping your clients find the best firm or attorney who can handle their legal needs.

  •  Localized & Secured Hosting Solutions

    For firms who are looking to protect their own as well as and the client's’ vital and sensitive information at the same time, Netclues hosting solutions team provides secured hosting solutions such as HTTPS or HTTP over TLS (SSL 2048-bit key certificate). With the help of such secured hosting solutions, we help you keep personal, professional and financial details from snoopers and online criminals who are always looking for potentially incriminating information for further exploitation. Also, if your services are geographically spread out over a large region or spans several countries or continents, we offer localized hosting solutions to make your services accessible to your clients.

  •  Document Management Systems

    Our Document Management Systems team advances the concept of the paperless office by offering versatile document management solutions for your firm or law practice. We help you lower your operational costs and maintain a competitive advantage. Cut down on manual document handling processes by going digital and save ample physical space with our powerful yet easy to use document management system.

  •  Company Management Software

    As businesses have become more complex in recent years, the risk associated with them has also increased enormously. Today companies try to understand the risk that is inherent to their business via Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in order to manage and control it. We offer Captiva Software so that the stability of company and risk associated can be determined through it. The risk factor is determined by due diligence and companies are accordingly categorized as low risk, medium risk, and high risk through a set of intelligent rule based questionnaires.

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