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Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA)

Before Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA)
After Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA)

The Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) is an independent statutory Authority which was created by the enactment of the Information & Communications Technology Authority Law on 17th May 2002 and is responsible for the regulation and licensing of Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and all forms of radio which includes ship, aircraft, mobile and amateur radio. The ICTA conducts the administration and management of the .ky domain, and also has a number of responsibilities.


When we were approached by ICTA they were looking at various vendors along with Netclues and the thing that jumped out to them with Netclues was that we create custom content management system(CMS) which works for them in the way they want. What we at Netclues did is gave it our best shot. As per their requirements, we developed & deployed a system that is extremely easy to use and manage.


It was a very exciting and vast project on our table and we have to complete within 8 weeks of our promised timeline and like said the final output i.e. the website was live. A brand new look, much more presentable and easy to navigate site with integration in to their new domain system. Here are some of our experiences with ICTA


  • PowerPanel: We have created a custom design PowerPanel and added something called as Convenience Map on the Dashboard of our PowerPanel which allows them to easily navigate to any page they want to make updates, modifications and changes. ICTA Is the first website we ever implemented our newly crafted Convenience Map system. Considering the huge amount of data on the site, you can judge how much work was put in development on this CMS system. Right from managing content on various pages to managing complaints etc. is managed through the PowerPanel.
  • Design: The website is designed with latest HTML5 Responsive Standards which makes it Mobile & Tablet friendly. Huge banner on first page, suitable pictures placement, and easily accessible site gives bright new look. We have included touch friendly icons & big block images for ease of navigation. Searching a new domain and booking it right from the homepage thats something thats going to be a big hit as well.
  • Integration with new domain system: The website we designed had to be integrated with a new domain booking system and implenting this with their domain registration system was really smooth
  • Alerts: ICTA has the ability to push different alerts through the site which are time bound as soon as the time they have set expires, the listing goes away automatically. Not only that we also have allowed them to add in alerts based on priority with different color shades. Red Alert, Green Alert & Blue Alerts.
  • Page Feedback: We have embedded a simple and easy to use feedback tool for website. This is easy for the visitors to give them feedback on each pages. Click feedback and share your thoughts on the page
  • Our Team Page: The website is embedded with Our Team page as for the visitors who browse the website know the actual people they are dealing with. With pictures of the person it makes the site more informative.
  • Careers Page: Looking towards new career start? Want to switch from one job to other??? Looking for new opportunity? ICTA have lots of scope in building your career. We have integrated and built a page that allows the user to browse and see through different scope they have towards career opportunities. ICTA lays a great and strong foundation.
  • Page Tools: The site users have the ability to print, email & share pages as they like make the site more reachable
  • Online Complaints Form: With this form the visitors can file in any complaints towards any ICTA Licensed.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The website is even integrated with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMI (Social Media Integration). Though it's well known but to raise the ranking and awareness and incur more than thought conversions, SEO and SMI will help the website fetch more than before!
  • Website Search: If a user feels lost they can use the easy to use website search on the top. Type in a query and hit search and our custom designed search algorithm shows you smart results.

Proud to work with ICTA! Take a look at the website. We would love to hear back! You can send your feedback at


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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