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Before Glass3
After Glass3

Glass! Transparent yet that brings show to your table. Different glass for different occasion, different drink, different shape and it goes on... Whats your perspective towards glass or would say Crsytal Glassware, be it lead-free crystal glasses imported from Italy to Polyurethane glasses from Miami, Florida! Let's see what these two gentlemen Mr. Christian Esser & Mr. Shalico Christian have come up with. Mr. Esser & Mr. Christian being the owner of Caribbean Beverages, have different vision in serving the drinks at GLASS 3 & WINESCHOOL 3 We were approached by our clients with an existing website to which we had to work on to make it more innovative and create awareness in the Web World.


Lets take a look at what we at NETCLUES have brought on the table for them.

  • Design: We made great changes on their existing website by placing browse through pictures of the variety of stylish and elegant glasses/products the company carried. The very first page of the website would even get the customers sign-up for newsletter, can place an order via email and even get to their Facebook page (get social with them!), The layout on this page is even made keeping in mind powerful product search which makes it easy for the customers by narrowing the keywords they are looking for.
  • PowerPanel: They have new products coming up day-to-day and they would like to display it on their site & market to the WWW. The new and cool looking website is combined with a powerful content management system called PowerPanel which will allow them to manage and update their products, specials, content & more...
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The company with tranparency, needs to be noticed. So we have integrated the website with the function of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). This will help the site to have better ranking and further recognition in the Web World. This would help the client in business growth and web and media exposure.
  • Netclues One Push: Every business wants to get social like every person wants to. Having different social media medium its very tiresome to go update on every source. Hence we have provided the website with NETCLUES ONE PUSH which makes it do all together at one go! Imaging adding a new product in the website and pushing it to all the social media pages right from that one source, that is easy yet extremely powerful and this is what we did for them.
  • Events: Being owner of a wine company, they have added a little interesting schedules for their customers. The page called EVENTS shows you all the latest and upcoming events that are going to take place.
  • WineSchool 3: At WineSchool 3, it gives you different courses to choose from or even downloadable file of coursebook. Wine and Food, who wouldn't want to learn. Take a look at the option and make difference in the kitchen or at the table if not bar at home! Again updating of this is made possible with Netclues PowerPanel.
  • Sign-up For Newsletter: Want to know more about whats happening at Glass 3 & Wineschool 3. Stay updated with them. Its simple! just Sign-up for Newsletter.

There were different challenges that we at NETCLUES went through while developing and working on the existing website to make it look bold & beautiful. And hence, we came up with the final out-put i.e.


Take a look and share us your feedback at


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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