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Food For Thought (Cayman Islands)

Before Food For Thought (Cayman Islands)
After Food For Thought (Cayman Islands)

Food is fun, food is bliss, and to some, food is sin. For us, food is momentary heaven! Yeah...but good food. And we do everything in our power to promote sumptuous cuisines and divine cutlery. Food for Thought was a project that we plated out with complete grace, taste, presentation and ultimate satisfaction.


A wonder, gestated within a few weeks, it was a challenge, met with surmounting success. Here is how it all happened:


The challenges we faced:

  • The content and the pictures: Over half of the goodness of food is savored through the eyes. What looks attractive, stands a high chance to taste attractive. High definition images that could set tastebuds sizzling, were lacking in the previous website of Food for Thought. Ample content was another problem. A combined effect of catchy, enticing words and high definition images lead to better sales graphs, always. We needed to get that in place! And yes, we did!
  • Layout: A disorganized presentation turns down appetite. Even the website needs to be presented in perfect fashion. The layout, that the earlier website had, was kind of confusing, cluttered, talking too much at the same time, showing desperation for some sales, overall, problematic layout. It needed the brains of a good design and planning team. And we did give that!
  • Easy navigation: Streets that are tough to find, seldom get a lot of people walking through them. The same applies to websites. Poor navigation would mean abandonment by visitors, resulting into increased bounce rates, lower SEO rankings and broken traffic curve. All that needed to be put right!

And what did we do?

  • The Power of PowerPanel: The greatest power is freedom, freedom to update the website according to one's own requirements, without having to come back to the developer for manual updation. The PowerPanel provides for such sophisticated assistance to the client. Any executive, trained for a meagre half an hour can become a pro in every functionality that PowerPanel has to offer. We personalised the entire experience of back end management for them with a customized version of PowerPanel.
  • Stunning Design: Layout, images, colours, hues, styles, fonts, text alignment, we saw to the fact that everything was placed just perfectly.
  • Sign up form: You see, it is terribly disastrous to keep any communicational tool stay absent from a website. A newsletter is a handy way of keeping customers posted about what's up with you. We created a sign up form, through which visitors might sign up for a regular feed of communication from Food for Thought.

And how does this all sound?

Impressive right? If you want your business witness an overnight transformation of this sort, we would be all frolicked up to help! Just tell us what is that you are looking for, and we will be right there with something out of the world, yet achievable.


Food For Thought Website by Netclues


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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