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Before Ecayonline
After Ecayonline

The center mission of the EcayOnline professional listing is to make and constantly upgrade THE GO-TO area online for individuals looking for data about organizations, philanthropies, government offices and more in the Cayman Islands. The site has experienced considerable changes since it's unique beginning as - trust it or not - a printed (yes, a book!!) registry of sites path in 2005. The organization has advanced to such a degree, to the point that Ecay is no insignificant index; it's truly a tremendous online entrance of small sites for several Cayman based associations.


  • Name: Ecay Cayman online
  • Location: Grand Cayman
  • Industry: Directory
  • Website Type: CMS

The Plan:

When they approached us for this project we were not only glad that they found us worthy of such a big project but also very motivated to prove them that they have made the right decision by choosing us. We sat with the client and analyzed their old website which was not mobile friendly and come up with new ideas and solution as to how to make their new website dynamic, responsive and so on A Directory ought to be expected to look unrestrained and rich, yet easy to investigate and pleasant. Our creative graphics team worked hard to guarantee that Ecay Cayman is given the most compelling presentation which could secure neighborhood and what's more overall buyers and sellers together. Also we had to make sure that the site had each one of the instruments required for the budgetary pro to pick which the best things available on island are. Hence after few fruitful meeting our graphic designing team worked on every aspect in depth to come up with the web page layout which was so appealing that the client couldn’t just decline.


The Work:

During the development stage as it was a business listing directory site we made sure to provide them with customized development of Content management system (Powerpanel), client login access for them to keep on updating their treasure of data with respect to content/ photos along with company wise hits reports. All this was a big challenge for us but our development and programming team made it happen with their knowledge and hard work.


Recollecting each one of the clients essentials, an enormous measure of supportive components were added to the website for making the layout in such a way that it could incorporate and project all of business catalogues in way which was easy on the eye and smooth in navigation so that no one gets lost in the pool of the huge database and are yet able to access all the information they need and bring them back again for more.


Many special customized features were developed as listed below


  • HTML5 Dynamic and Responsive website
  • Content Management System called PowerPanel created by Netclues
  • Client Login Access
  • Google Analytics
  • Quick Search Button
  • Search Engine Optimization

The Reward:

We worked with all our heart day and night to make this happen. It took us 5 months to transform this dream into a reality, so you can get an idea how huge this project was for us and how badly we wanted to absolutely nail it, and we surely we lived up to it. We were massively upbeat to gain from our customers that they cherished the way we composed their website. After all nothing is a greater than a promising conveyance of the dedication. You know it's a big win when your customer guarantees to return to you once more.


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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