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DataLink (Cayman Islands)

Before DataLink (Cayman Islands)
After DataLink (Cayman Islands)

DataLink is licensed by the Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) of the Cayman Islands to provide fibre optic infrastructure and other information and communication technology services in Grand Cayman. DataLink is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Electric Utility, Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC). When we were approached by Datalink they needed a site to show customers what they do and how they help the society. We came confidently with a layout which was approved right away and gave them a wordpress backend to manage and update their website, making website updating easy to use.


The Challenges

  • Non Existing Website: Datalink didn’t have a website before and we had to create something from scratch. It was a challenging task but it also allowed us to be very creative.
  • Layout: Because they didn’t have a website before it was a challenge to visualize what look and feel we can come up with.
  • SEO: The domain was newly booked and there and the website was in design challenge was also on how to get them ranked and placed well in the Search Engines.

The Solution:

  • Design: While working on the initial concept we did work on a concept based on their brand colors. Our goal was to create a simple website so we created a website with clear navigation option and minimal information. The website has a big banner with correct brand messages and simple navigation area on the center of the page to allow customers to easily navigate to where they want.
  • Content Management System: It was important for them to manage and update their content themselves. So we implemented Wordpress system for them customizing it further to make it a Cayman Islands Wordpress Website.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Being placed in the search engine is important for any business, no matter what they deal in. With our newly designed SEO friendly website & strategically placed meta data it was no challenge to get them higher up in the Cayman Islands Search Engine.

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View the site here: Datalink Cayman Islands


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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