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Cayman Islands National Insurance Company - CINICO (Cayman Islands)

Before Cayman Islands National Insurance Company - CINICO (Cayman Islands)
After Cayman Islands National Insurance Company - CINICO (Cayman Islands)

We were approached by CINICO through a client referral and when we went in to their office and meet with Mr. Lonny Tibbets and the team we immediately knew they wanted to use technology to its best and achieve great results for their members and the organization as a whole. We started by working on a new website for them which allowed visitors to read information about their services, products, board and more. With time the scope of work just kept increasing and we happily accepted it. We started developing a member portal which will integrate securely with 3 external health portals which are very popular. The 3 Portals being HealthX, Best Life Rewarded & Wellness Check Point.


Let us walk you through our experience with this project.


The Challenges

  • Security: Because this is a member portal communicating with a 3rd Party Database in and out it was a challenge as we had to make it secured, this site went through rigorous testing standards internally and also by heavy lift 3rd party testing agencies and it fared well in all places.
  • User Base: The site was going to be used by people from various different age groups right from casual user to a member. We had to make sure the site is secured, fluid and very easy to use.
  • Integrating with 3rd Party Databases: Imagine working on a huge database of member but having no control over the data, we worked on integrating with the 3rd party database to get all the data and improve the database and also push the same data to external portals via Single Sign On.
  • Single Sign On: It was a challenge working with 3 different service providers and integrate the system and integrate the system with them. Everything right from communication to implementation was a challenge but we love challenges.
  • Membership: The most challenge part of this project was to integrate with an external database, clean it and also constantly improve it.
  • Layout: The previous sites layout was not up to the par with the modern World Wide Web standards. IT was down to a 800 resolution and didn’t have attractive images, engaging content etc.

The Solution:

  • Design: The design was of crucial important as the site is going to be viewed by different age group and also there were a lot of member features. The best option in this case was to opt for a responsive design HTML 5 website. Responsive Design made it mobile friendly, speedy and interactive. The design was given utmost importance with easy of use as a primary factor. We are glad to see the results.
  • Navigation: Navigation of the site had to be simple & effective as we need to display most of the information is as many less clicks as possible. We started with developing a logical sitemap which allowed us to work on a great system architecture. We had to fully understand the member features in order to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for and so far we have been greatly successful.
  • Single Sign On: Allowing members to login to 3 different portals through login system was a challenge but at Netclues we embrace challenges happily. Single Sign On was a secured way to integrate with all the 3 portals without compromising on the security.
  • Security: You can assume how challenging it would be to manage all the health data of all the members. We implemented highest security standards including data encryption, session timeout, SQL Optimization & more… The site was tested by a high profile security testing company and they were extremely happy with the results.
  • Communicating with Members: It is crucial to communicate with the member’s through this new website. The website allows administrators to send direct messages to customers individually or in a group. Just select a group and send a message, its simple and effective.

This system also comes with some of our standard features including:

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Check the site for Cayman Islands National Insurance Company (CINICO)


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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