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Cayman Airways (Cayman Islands)

Before Cayman Airways (Cayman Islands)
After Cayman Airways (Cayman Islands)

A bustling Cayman cups tapping our table glass, grave faces anxiously waiting for the clock to strike escape from the tech room...and we get Jay striding into the office with expression of super-joy and extreme excitement.


Netclues was growing exponentially as a company, and every other day there was a new requirement to cater to. So whenever we witnesses Jay in such a mood, it was apparently something new that he needed to discuss.


It was Cayman Airways this time. And it was something way beyond website. It excited all of us and it was a big job on our hands.


Cayman Airways and their online presence, pre-Netclues:


Cayman Airways is possibly the most popular name amongst who fly to Cayman. They were a profit-making unit of business strata, with a huge number of walk in travel bookings and quiet an equal number in advance bookings.


Prior to us working towards their web requirements, Cayman Airways had an already existent website. They however, did not have a proper online booking system in place, as a result of which, almost the entire booking process was manual.


The website was a simple one, basically describing the services. Any new update in the services had to be manually done. Apparently, it was not a very friendly process.


The site was not very SEO friendly as Meta Data was completing missing from the site. The design was not up to the current standards & it also had some flash components which became useless fairly quickly.


Expectations out of us:


The client wanted a fully functional dynamic website, basically set up keeping in mind modern design, easy navigation and compatibility on more devices.

The biggest and most complicated thing to do was to put a smooth flight booking system in place; that, when Cayman Airways did not want an enterprise booking software in its own name. That would mean a third booking party integration with the existent website.


The next day onwards, we put an entire team of managers and web software experts sitting together, planning things out and chalking the journey for the next couple of months. We had to complete every small bit of the project, place it under rigorous testing to proof check for the functional accuracy of the integration.


Long hours to toil, hard work to do!


A precise look at what all we did:


It took us a span between 3-4 months to put every bit & piece together. We took a phased approach and delivered things in bits. Here is a quick glance at what we did and how we did it.


Since online booking was a real pain with them, and they did not want their own in-built booking solution, we concluded upon taking help from a services of a third party software. Sabre airlines solutions fell in favor. We coded changes in the website so that whenever a visitor wishes to make a reservation online, he could use the reservation form right on the home page...and he would be redirected to the booking facility of Sabre.

  • Sabre provides its affiliates with a hoard of other suitable features. We were at liberty to mould the site so that all these features could be used!
  • Along with travel comes hospitality. Having a list of hotels, handy at hand and having visitors compare hotels for price and availability can actually increase the preference statistic among customers.
  • To make the website dynamic, we had to provide the client with a CMS system. PowerPanel is our enterprise level solution for that purpose. We customized it according to the specifications of the client and integrated a powerful back-end system with the website front-end.
  • As an extra tang to the regular website, we created geo-targeted banners for them. Meaning, banners would show up according to the geographical area from where the website is being accessed. This helped pep-up their customer targeting drive and help them confer personalized service to their customers.
  • Newsletter Sign up: We wanted to increase their user database so we added a sign up for newsletter form on their site which allowed them to capture hundreds and thousands of leads
  • Additional Updates: We did a lot of updates for Cayman Airways site which include but is not limited to
    • SEO Updates
    • New Landing Page creation
    • Destination Page creation
    • Social Media Page creation
    • Deeper Saber Integration

How things are Post-Netclues:


Cayman Airways is one of the most primitive and most recited name that we have worked for. After we put things together for their website, online bookings started flowing in with increased frequency.


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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