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Burger Shack (Cayman Islands)

Before Burger Shack (Cayman Islands)
After Burger Shack (Cayman Islands)

Over a period of 4 weeks developing a new website for Burger Shack was great fun, Intense & quite interesting. Further communication with the client, we were told that the content for the website had to be straight forward with limited information and to the point action buttons.


Here is our experience:


The Challenges:

  • Absence of old site & brand guidelines: Our main & most important challenge was about the branding as there was no old website & branding available which makes it difficult to come up with a creative & unique website.
  • Limited information to play with: As we have very limited information in terms of content & also client wanted to have very simple website, it was difficult for us to manage the website and SEO with very limited information.
  • Zero Search Engine presence of the website: Our foremost challenge was to get the website rank higher in the Search Engines which was extreme difficult task as there was no presence of the client website or its branding.
  • Highly competitive keywords: Keywords related to the Burger is highly competitive in the search engines and more difficult for us as there was no presence of the client website previously in the search engines which made us focus more on the relevant content, keywords and most importantly On-Page & Off-Page SEO.

The Plan:

We were approach by Mr. Vahe through a client referral and he was a well-educated customer who knew what he wanted.  He approach us asking for 2 things Website & SEO. We created a plan to create a small yet creative website and we did great on the design, at least that’s what the several customer feedback says. Working on the new content for the site also made the site search engine friendly.


The burger shack is a small, modern and a warm place to have your lunch or dinner and we wanted to showcase that on the website as well, we started with giving customers action information right on the homepage. When a customer comes on their site what are they looking for? Menu, Hours of Operations, Directions, Phone? We got it all covered in a very design friendly way. Looking for what to eat, no need to go to any other page, the homepage says it all.  Some other features include


  • Responsive Website: The website works on all the devices including Mobile, Tablet & Traditional Computers. Pick up your phone or tablet and let us know what you think.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization was important to increase the visibility of the site on the internet. We created the site using good guidelines set up by Google which will help them increasing the website traffic and there by leads.
  • Calls to Action: We have strategically placed calls to action on key landing pages to guide the casual user or interested parties in to a lead.

We think we have done a great job why don’t you look at the site and let us know your feedback as well.


Burger Shack Website by Netclues


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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