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Cayman Weekly

Before Cayman Weekly
After Cayman Weekly

News is the sine qua non for active life. And staying updated is the need of the hour too. It is the best way to stay updated in life with happenings around your world. But as it is best said "Nulla nuova, buona nuova" (meaning no news is good news in Italian language). Since too much news of disturbing nature coming from many directions every day, it becomes troublesome to read too many news all at once. Unlike others, Cayman Weekly is one of its kind News-paper on fingertips!


Cayman Weekly has a one stop destination offering quality and authentic current information on the interesting happenings in Cayman Islands regarding new Job employment offers, Business news, updates on Gas prices and public notice issued among a range of other things.


  • Name of the Client: Cayman Weekly
  • Location: Cayman Islands
  • Industry: News & Media Company
  • Website Type: Press & News Site

Having a repeat customer is always a pleasure especially when its Mr. Lewis from LC Money Plan. We were approached by Mr. Lewis with the concept at Netclues and we were very glad to do their Website Design. We found Cayman Weekly’s concept was new and one step ahead of other news portal combining three important life ingredients: News, Education and Motivation.


The Plan:

When we talked with the client, they explained how the website shall operate and how they wanted it to be. We started working for designing the website by collating and categorizing tabs and search buttons according to the News, Job offerings and multiple daily updates to be displayed.


We designed to make it smooth and seamless, smart operation and quick and easy to read news website.


The Outcome:

Netclues worked on the following News features for giving a cutting edge to the Cayman Weekly Website:

  • Design and Aesthetics: Netclues provided a great template design representing their services in News and Media. Cayman Weekly is made to use the complete screen real estate of any screen you use. It is dynamic in a way that content is displayed wide if you are on a wide screen and it adapts to whatever screen size you are on. We could achieve this with HTML5 technology. We also made the site Responsive to target and show case the site on multiple devices.
  • Display Board: The Cayman Weekly has News articles categorized as various tabs on the website according to the topic or the subject of the news like Education, Sports, and Technology etc. PowerPanel allows client to add necessary categories.
  • Exquisite News Service Feature: Some features of the website make the website a real News Website. There is an option to Download Newspaper to read and view in offline mode. Watch out for the Gas price volatility, read public notice issued and Business gallery showcasing pictures of new business and services listed in the website.
  • Job Market and Industry: One of the most special features of this website that we designed for the client is the Job Market having list of job offers, ability to create your profile and post available vacancies. This online space on web is created for employers, recruiters and applicants.
  • Personal Classified: Personal Classified is an Online Resale store showcasing products, register for free post ads and you are good to go.
  • Weather & Cayman Time: Want to know the weather for the next few days? Don’t worry we got that covered as well. A Time clock displays the time along with weather today in a big font on the home page.

Other Features:

  • Archives: Newspaper that are current and recent will be displayed for download on Download Newspaper while Archives have old, past and outdated news in store that be sorted by year or month.
  • Blogs, Testimonials and Video News Release: Various other features for blogs and testimonials were added along with video feature enabling direct share on Facebook, Google and Twitter.
  • Netclues Super special functionality features were also added like:

The Reward:

After a lot of time and efforts put in with many reviews and changes from client side, the team came up with a final product. The website looks fantastic with elegance and simplicity. This was our honor and pleasure working for one of its kind News website for Cayman Weekly. We would love to hear your comments on


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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