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Cayman Travel Services (Cayman Islands)

Before Cayman Travel Services (Cayman Islands)
After Cayman Travel Services (Cayman Islands)

Over a period of 2 months developing a new website for Cayman Travel Services was truly a pleasure and great fun. A website full of functionality that includes complete website redo with CMS as well as complete graphic design. 


Before we started working on the Cayman Travel website, there were few things that we had to keep in mind:


The Challenges:

  • Design: We had to make sure the new site that was designed worked perfectly with the vision defined by the Cayman Travel Services. The old site did not help in sales and was not that professionally build. The new site had to help in greater sales by showcasing a large list of tours & deals in a user friendly way & also make sure customers are able to find each section easily.
  • Inform Customers of New Tours & Deals: This was an important implementation that we have to keep in mind. We integrated with the tour management company & implemented on the website tours page to show customers the new tours & available deals & packages.

The Plan:

When we meet with the client they understood that in order to progress, the easiest way would be to consider a redesign. Client had used Netclues PowerPanel the Custom Content Management System before and were very happy with the system. The layout that was shown to them was approved in one go and they were very happy with the way things progressed. The goal of the website was to create a user friendly website which will be easy to navigate and help in increasing sales. We also created specific landing pages that his deals & promotions could point to which bring up more sales & revenue.I am glad to say we have been greatly successful so far



The current site is packed with features and has gone a long way, here are some key features of the website

  • Responsive Website – Responsive design allows website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on. We have made this site responsive and tested it on several devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Windows phones and tablets.
  • PowerPanel – We have integrated Netclues PowerPanel Content Management System in this website which helps admin to manage or update the content within few clicks. It is an enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) that is extremely powerful, yet easy to use.
  • Reservation System – We have implemented reservation system for their website, to manage the bookings & increase in the sales.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization was important to give them new leads and conversions through their website. In order to increase the sales of their products we needed to make sure we do correct onpage & offpage SEO for their site.
  • Unique Landing Pages – Landing Pages have become major player in the modern internet world. Netclues have adapted this strategy and implemented in the website which helps them to capitalize by drawing early adopters through specific landing pages.

We think we have done a great job why don’t you look at the site and let us know your feedback as well.


Cayman Travel Services Website by Netclues


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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