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Cayman AfterWork

Before Cayman AfterWork
After Cayman AfterWork

Cayman after work is Grand Cayman's number one site and a single tick stop for discovering awesome, fun and reasonable spots to kick back and unwind after work, amid the weekends or whilst on vacation. Along these lines, here is your definitive manual for what's hip and buzzing in and around Grand Cayman, from eating out to making something happen with your textured companions, to partying at  greatest night spots, to getting outside in the natural air and chilling on the shoreline, to running on the best trails.


  • Name of the Client: Cayman AfterWork
  • Location: Grand Cayman
  • Industry: Informative
  • Website Type: CMS

The Plan:

Having previously worked with the client, it was very important for us to outdo our own work when they approached us again for this new project. Cayman after work has been hell of an experience. It’s exciting and challenging as well. Imagine compiling all historical heroes into one giant book, to make it worth buying or looking at would require collection of some great pictures, some unknown facts and also sufficient information. All at one place, nothing less than Hogwarts. The task was huge but was damn interesting and amazing. We needed to make a site that is substantial on pictures and is extremely intuitive as their objective business sector can be very visual and requesting. The HTML layout was approved with minor changes and after the go ahead from our client; our development team began doing their enchantment.


The Work:

Our web developers took the littlest thing into thought while thinking of a configuration for them. Right from the route bar to the standard and body of the site we consolidated their marking furthermore their configuration components.


The site was made up with a lure some pictures and information’s of any required activities in or out Grand Cayman. The route is straightforward with 5 connections to browse home, administrations, about, contact and online networking. On the off chance that you required definite data like Quote, Off Grid, On Grid or financing they are accessible all in the first view. Transformation choices were implicit to the site on every one of the pages. We also worked on to integrate our Content management system in a way that it was simple for the customer to roll out improvements and redesigns to the site furthermore coordinate it with Social Media.


Testimonials offer to the clients and assemble a level of trust. Bulletin information exchanges offer clients to stay some assistance with informing with the new discharges, innovative upgrades, tips and that's only the tip of the iceberg…


  • HTML 5 Responsive and Dynamic site
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration

The Reward:

We worked till last sweat. It took us 10 weeks to develop this responsive and dynamic masterpiece. In the end it was a win win situation for us as our client was very happy with the outcome and also we were able to maintain our level of commitment and development which keep our clients coming back to us for more.


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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