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Auditors Oversight Authority - AOA (Cayman Islands)

Before Auditors Oversight Authority - AOA (Cayman Islands)
After Auditors Oversight Authority - AOA (Cayman Islands)

Yet another Government Associated Website “Auditor Oversight Authority (AOA)”. Over a period of 6 weeks developing a new website for AOA was great fun, Intense & quite challenging. Auditor Oversight Authority was established on 1st May 2012 for regulating and supervising auditors of market traded companies in the Cayman Islands. The main goal of the website redesign was to give unique look, increase engagement, publicize and increase online registration of the users.


The Challenges

  • Registration: Our most important challenge was to increase the online registration as previous website was not interactive for any user to be attracted to register or contact.
  • Layout: The previous site layout was not matching with the modern World Wide Web standards and also the design of the homepage was not interactive to the users. So our main challenge was to give unique look & feel for the website which helps more engagement as well as increase in the traffic.
  • SEO: The previous website lacked the relevant content which affected the previous website in the search engine.
  • Providing Vital Information: The previous website lacked the relevant content related to the association information which could have been easily propagated to the website users.

The Solution:

  • Design: Design was given an utmost important and we used their existing logo and branding to come up with something entirely unique and fresh look. The website has a big banner with correct brand messages which helped higher engagement in the website.
  • Actively Communicating with Members: Communicating with the users is important, hence we gave an option for online registration in the website which can be used effectively to communicate all information to the members easily.
  • Content Management System/PowerPanel: It was important for them to manage and update their content themselves. We made it possible for them to do so with Netclues PowerPanel - One Panel to manage the content for addition as well as site updation.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization was important to give them new leads and conversions through their website. We have implemented SEO strategy with the guidelines laid by Google which helps them in building and converting clients through a specific location.
  • Social Media Integration with Netclues OnePush: We have also integrated with the Netclues OnePush in the PowerPanel, once the administrator adds a piece of information on the website they can push that information straight away to the social networks by a single click.

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Auditors Oversight Authority Website by Netclues


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Like what you are looking at? Want to Transform your site too?
Netclues has done over 600 projects world wide, Let us help you
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