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Deadline Nears for the New Data Protection Law - How to comply

GDPR Compliant


On May 25, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, which means that the rules are changing on how companies collect, store or process large amounts of users’ data. Compliance with the law is required, and penalties for noncompliance are severe.


What is the purpose of GDPR?

The regulations, which extend to every company that operates in Europe or has customers in the European Union, is meant to give users access to and control over their personal data. Most recently this issue came to light in connection with the privacy policies of Facebook, which has now promised to institute GDPR controls globally.


What does it mean?

The new data protection law affects any company that operates in the EU or processes the data of any EU nationals. Companies must post easy-to-understand terms and conditions. and if there is a data breach, companies must let users know within 72 hours. Further, companies may only collect data if there is a specific reason for it.


How to be GDPR compliant?

User access and agreements


As a business owner, you need to understand that personal data is not your property but that of the users. Like a bank holding money, you are simply holding data, with the requirement of letting the users examine it if they ask, as well take it back when they please. Above all, you have the legal responsibility to protect their data.


Though the Data Protection Law comes into effect for the Cayman Islands from the start of 2019, we understand that there are a lot of companies in the Cayman Islands that have clients in the European Union and/or handle and process data of EU nationals and it is imperative that such companies’ websites comply with GDPR regulations.


If you need help with making your website GDPR compliant, call Netclues on +1 (345) 925 2222 or email us on




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